Physics Puzzle Games for Android

physics puzzles games for android

Today smartphones have become the most common electronic device among people. Most of the time, people spend their time using their smartphones. People sitting in the waiting area spend their time playing games on smartphones. However, most of the games make you bore after playing some time. Physics Puzzle Games is the category of games that do not make you bore; you can play them for hours, and your interest in the game remains the same. If you haven’t played any physics puzzle games, then you must play games from this category. We have listed down the best Physics Puzzle Games for Android. You can download these games on your Android device and spend your free time having fun.

1. Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is an excellent and addictive game wholly based on physics and real-life mechanisms. The game concept is entertaining; you have to make a path for water to reach out to the bathtub. In the bathtub, an alligator is waiting to get water so that it can get clean. The alligator has a name called Swampy and does not like to be dirty.

You must clean dirt in such a way that water directly reaches the bathtub. You have to understand the pattern to get successful at a particular level. This game has different levels, having different paths to clear the dirt. The graphics of this game are good, whereas the controls are pretty much smooth. You can spend multiple hours playing this game without getting bored.

2. Mazes & More

Everyone had played the maze game once in a lifetime. Maybe you have played in the newspaper, magazine, etc. Now you can play maze games on your smartphone. Mazes & More is a puzzle game that will kill your time in the best possible manner.

You will have different modes of playing. The first one is classic mode, in which you just need to reach out to the required position. Then you have a dark mode, where you will not see borders, and you have to make your assumptions. The enemy mode is the perfect one; you have to ensure that the enemy does not get you before reaching out to the position. This game is free to play, so you do not have to pay. However, it may contain ads. Start playing this game and finish all the levels.

3. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is one of the most popular physics puzzled games based on the Russian series. ZeptoLab developed this game. The character of the game is so adorable that you will love it. The goal of the game is simple; you have to feed candy to a cute creature. How will candy reach out to that adorable monster? You need to cut the right ropes that will eventually lead candy drop into the monster’s mouth. As the levels increase, it will become more challenging to select the right rope. There will be different obstacles that will make it more difficult to win that level. There are 400+ levels that you can play non-stop and 17 candy boxes.

4. Gravity Box

Gravity Box is a perfect choice if you are looking for a great physics puzzle game. This game has exciting and time-killing gameplay. You will have to hit the square box in the position by tapping on your screen. The square box will move in the direction where you will tap. You have to tap in the right place of your screen so that box will reach its destination with minimum tapping. The amazing thing is that as soon you complete level, it will show the stats of other players in your category. There are around 269 levels with unique puzzles. You will retry the level if you think you can finish it in less tapping.

5. Draw Lines

At last, we have another exciting and entertaining physics puzzle game called Draw Lines. The gameplay is fascinating; you have to draw lines in such a way that the ball will hit the coin. You can buy different balls from coins that you will win from time to time after completing levels. You have to keep thinking about how physics works in real life. Only then can you complete all the levels. However, this game has many levels that you can not complete quickly. Draw Lines can become annoying after some levels. You have to keep trying to complete its more challenging levels.


We have tried to mention all the fantastic and best physics puzzle games for Android. These games help to remove anxiety and gives you good vibes. So now, if you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment or standing in a long queue, you will have the games that will kill your time. The best thing is all the games mentioned are free of cost.