How to use Chrome Picture in Picture on desktop

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Picture-in-Picture, aka PiP mode, in Google Chrome, allows users to watch online video in a small floating window outside the browser. As PiP window stays on top of all other apps, it’s the perfect way to watch your favorite videos while multi-tasking on your desktop.

Google first added support for a PiP mode in Chrome 68, but the feature was hidden under a Chrome flag. In Chrome 70 or later, it is now enabled by default for all Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

For now, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and all other major video streaming sites support PiP mode. Other websites need to update their video player to support the new Picture-in-Picture API.

Use Chrome Picture in Picture on Desktop

Here’s how Picture in Picture works,

  1. Open up Chrome browser, head over to the video you want to run in PiP mode, and start to play the video.
  2. Right-click twice on the video-player until a drop-down menu shows up.
  3. Select ‘Picture in picture’ option from the menu, and the video will open up in a PiP window.
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You can select and drag the floating window where you want to put it. You can also resize it by dragging the edges of the video.

Note: You’ll have to keep the original browser tab open to keep the floating video running.

Although Picture-in-Picture functionality is now natively enabled in Chrome, many websites still don’t support it. For those websites, you can install an extension called Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google) on your Chrome browser.

chrome picture in picture extension

The extension adds a button to the top bar of the Chrome browser. While you’re watching a video on any webpage, you need to just click on this button, and it’ll play the video in a floating popup window.

So, did you try out the PiP mode on your Chrome desktop browser? If so, you can share your experience with us in the comments below.