How to Play CSGO game on LAN using Tunngle

how to use tunngle

Many people face different problems in playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive(csgo) game with friends. In most of the cases, they can’t join in the gameplay even if they follow all the possible ways. If you are also facing some problems you should try the method which we are going to discuss. Using this method you can play csgo even if you don’t have wifi (using mobile hotspot). To use the method follow these simple steps.

  You need a software called Tunngle. Download it from here.  After installing it on your PC, sign up with your email.

➦  Log in with your username and password.

➦  Go to Private Networks and then create your own network like this. Network Type: Basic, Network Name: anything, Password: anything, Network Range: 10.x.x*(Server Emu).

In this way, your friends also need to create their own networks.

➦  Anyone has to be host and others have to join host’s network.  Follow the steps.

For Host: Go to private networks ➟ Click on create or update.
For Others: Go to private networks ➟ Below your network, fill the blanks with host’s network name and password ➟ click on join.

Note: Make sure Host and Others are connected to the same network.(mobile hotspot or wifi)

➦  Everyone needs to open the game. Go to game setting and enable the game console option.(Optional, no need to do this every time).

➦  For host: Open console by pressing the particular key(if you don’t know the key, check keyboard setting) ➟ type ‘sv_lan 1’ ➟ enter ➟ type ‘map_de map name’ ( i.e map_de dust ) ➟ enter.

For Others:  Others need to have host’s Virtual IP which is provided by Tunngle( host can find this IP on the left bottom corner of Tunngle). So, open game console ➟ type ‘connect host’s virtual IP’ ( i.e connect ) ➟ enter.


Everything is Done! Enjoy the game.  (ʘ‿ʘ)