Remotely Access Home Computer’s Files from Anywhere

how to access files from a remote computer

Your home computer is perfectly customized according to your needs. You store many important files there. But it is not possible to carry your home computer with you where ever you go. Suppose, you are at your working place and urgently you need an important file which is on your home computer. Now, what to do? That’s why you need remote access to your computer. Using this feature, you can copy any file from your home computer to your mobile, from anywhere in the world.

TeamViewer software provides this feature. To know how to use this software and setup everything, follow the simple steps given below.

 Install TeamViewer software on your computer and TeamViewer Remote Control on your phone. During installation of TeamViewer, set everything according to the image given below.

Open TeamViewer on the computer. Set your computer name and password.

Create a free account with your email. you will get a verification link on your email. Open the email and verify your account.

 Set everything according to the image.

➦  Open TeamViewer Remote Control on your mobile ➟ Go to Computers Tab ➟ Sign in your account.
You will get a verification link on your email.

Note: Open the email and click on the link from your mobile. Your mobile will be added to your TeamViewer account directly.

➦  After sign in, go to Files tab and allow to access phone memory ➟ go to file transfer. Now you are able to access any file from your computer. Just copy any file and paste it into your phone memory.

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