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10 Best Android Apps to Remove Audio from a Video

Android is no doubt the most recognized mobile operating system. It has been adopted by most mobile phone companies, which is why it gained a lot of users. Android offers so many features for smartphone users to enjoy. This includes downloading images, audio, and videos.

Video contents are among the most popular content on the internet today. It is very prevalent among influencers and netizens alike. Video files make the content engaging. It works as a powerful tool to interact with people for study, work, and entertainment purposes.

Videos are amazing to watch not until you hear an unnecessary noise from them. Good thing, there are android apps to remove audio from video. And we’ve listed them down here for your reference.


List of Best Apps to Remove Audio from Video for Android

1. Mute Video, Silent Video

app to remove audio from video

This is a free-to-use app that primarily works by muting the audio of a video completely. However, it can also mute a portion of a video.

Mute Video, Silent Video is compatible with several formats including AVI, MP4, MP3, 3GP, and FLV. Users can trim videos by specifying the beginning and endpoints of the video file.

It is a handy app that easily makes small files with reasonable quality. The only downside is that it comes with so many adverts.

Download Mute Video, Silent Video                       

2. Lexis Audio Editor

video sound remover app

When it comes to all-inclusive audio editing tasks, Lexis Audio Editor is the best app for Android. This multi-talented application allows users to create new audio files and edit existing recordings. It is a player and recorder in one.

Lexis Audio Editor features a noise reduction function that aids in eliminating unnecessary noises from video files and audio recordings

Download Lexis Audio Editor 

3. Video Editor

app to remove sound from video

Video Editor is a well-known android app to remove audio from a video. It easily edits and removes audio from any video files. This app is fantastic when it comes to producing mute videos. It has so many features perfect for any video and audio editing activities. These features include but do not limit to, cropping, splitting, aspect ratio, and inserting texts, stickers, and filters.

Download Video Editor: Cutter, Merge, Mute Audio, Filters 

4. Video to MP3

remove audio from video app

This is another android app to remove audio from a video. Video to MP3 is the best video-to-audio converter. It uses the best functionalities to convert videos to audio and edit audio from video files. Every end file produced by Video to MP3 is of the best quality.

The best thing is that it is free and it works on any web browser. Students, professionals, and developers favor this audio and video editor.

Download Video to Mp3 : Mute Video

5. AudioFix

remove audio from mp4

AudioFix is another video editing app that easily removes audio from any video file. It can edit and denoise audio easily and quickly. The audio editing app is compatible with any format, so users can import any kind of video and the app will automatically clean it from unwanted noise and then boost its volume.

Overall, this android app to remove audio from a video is a good app with high potential especially when it comes to creating content videos.

Download AudioFix

6. Easy Video Cutter Pro

remove audio from video

This is another audio editing app that functions well. It works great in extracting audio from any video file to produce a muted video. The app also has fantastic features for editing videos such as spinning, adjusting speed, and compressing video size. It can also make GIFs out of video files.

Easy Video Cutter Pro is not a free app, it comes with a payment. However, it’s good to know that videos produced from this app do not come with watermarks. Something that most users love.

Download Easy Video Cutter Pro

7. Audio Extractor

remove audio from video android

Audio Extractor works the same way as the other audio editing apps. It is also one of the best android apps to remove audio from a video.

With Audio Extractor, users can remove audio streamings, edit them and convert them easily. Its best feature is its ability to trim your favored portion of a video. The app works with various formats like mp3, mp4, wav and so much more.

Audio Extractor has a simple user interface and it is very familiar to use.

Download Audio Extractor : Extract, Trim & Change Audio

8. Replace Add Audio to Video

remove sound from video android

Replace Add Audio to Video is a powerful tool that functions by adding or replacing audio in your videos. This works when you record a video of your own and you do not like that the outcome has so much unwanted noise. With Replace Add Audio to Video, you can eliminate the unnecessary audio or replace it with a song or any audio files.

It features the functionality of the FFmpeg media library with support from LGPL in processing these audio and video files. It is a compact audio-removing application with a very clean and responsive user interface.

Download Replace Add Audio to Video

9. AudioLab

how to remove audio from video

When you need an upgraded application to remove audio from video, then AudioLab is the best option. It works with Android and is available in Google Play Store.

AudioLAb is such a comprehensive android app to remove audio from video. It features all the functionalities of a video and audio editor and it also works as a ringtone creator tool. Users can trim a section of their videos and extract the audio from this portion and produce it into a ringtone.

It also features a complete audio mixer that works as an audio merger great for audio remixes.

Download AudioLab Audio Editor

10. Mute Video from MSB Creations

remove audio track from mkv

Mute Video from MSB Creations is the simplest yet one of the most amazing audio editing tools available in Google Playstore for Android phones. It allows users to mute a video completely or temporarily or anytime you want and need it.

This app can support various file formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, VOB, WAV, and many more.

Download Mute Video (Video Mute, Silent Video)


With technology advancing to greater heights, and Android keeping up with the pace, it is not impossible when it comes to remove audio streams from video files. The best android apps to remove audio from a video is the solution to these challenges.