5 Ways To Schedule Text Messages On Android

how to schedule a text message on android

Sending text messages is cheaper than phone calls, so we often use them to pass messages across faster. Text messages have been around since the era of phones and it’s one of the best means of communication in this phone era.

Have you ever thought about sending an SMS message to someone, but for some reason, it was not the best time to do so. So you turned it off, and then you completely forgot about doing it later?

Though SMS is gradually going obsolete but unlike other instant messaging apps that rely on data and fail when you do not have an internet connection, SMS makes sure everybody involved gets notified to avoid issues.

If you are using an Android phone, whether you want to send that message later, or you just want to send a reminder text, this feature will always be useful at such times.

Well, if you are suffering from the “I forgot to send the message” syndrome, here’s how to schedule text messages on your Android phone.

Unlike Samsung, most default messaging apps do not have the SMS scheduling feature, so a third-party app is needed.

For you to have this feature on your phone, look at the best 5 apps on how you can schedule a text message on your Android device.

How to Schedule a Text Message on Android

1. Textra SMS

Here is a straightforward app for scheduling SMS on your Android, Textra SMS comes with amazing features that permit you to customize your messages. It comes with themes, gesture features, bubbles, and emojis.

This app gives you the ability to customize the look and feel of the messaging app. It performs lots of cool functions which your native messaging app cannot.

To schedule messages, write your message, and tap on the plus sign by the left of the text box. Then click on the clock icon in the middle to set the time and date for your message to be sent. Once it’s scheduled, the clock icon will display a green color.

schedule text message android

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2. Do It Later

It is one of the newest message scheduling apps on Google Play Store and it’s also one of the best. Do It Later does not just automate your SMS, it also allows you to set reminders and simply schedule the time and date from there. It’s specially designed for those that tend to place off things. If you don’t want to schedule messages but just want to get reminded of them, you’ll be able to also set reminders right inside the app. 

Just select a time period, choose the custom choice to specify the precise time to send the message, or select a range.

So here’s how you’ll schedule an SMS message with Do It Later.

Just launch the app and then tap on the plus button in the lower right corner. Then select what you wish to schedule. In the case of a Message, tap on it, a window will open. 

Select the recipient(s) and type your message. After that, select the time and date. Tap on the Schedule button on the top right.

Schedule SMS android

You will be able to see all of your scheduled messages in the pending tab within the app’s main screen.

One amazing thing about Do It Later is that it is completely free to use. Though it shows ads, you’ll be able to upgrade to get rid of them and unlock some extra features. To schedule texts on Android without any issue, this is often the most effective option for many people.

3. Pulse SMS

Do you mind trying a new SMS app in order to gain full functionality to schedule SMS on your Android device? If you don’t mind, then I like to recommend you use the Pulse SMS app.

Thanks to its easy use, consistent support, and wealth of features. The Pulse app is filled with many features and I think it would need an article of its own to fully discuss all of them. One of those features is the ability to schedule text messages.

To schedule an SMS, just write the message in the text box, tap on the three-dot menu at the top right, and choose the “schedule a massage” option. Then enter the date, time, and then the content of your message. After you are done, click send.

schedule a text on Android

You can see all of your scheduled messages on the app’s dashboard.

Pulse offers you a clean interface and also the ability to lock your private conversations. You can also customize each of your conversations, and so much more.

4. Schedule SMS

As the name implies, this app is only used for sending scheduled text messages. Schedule SMS is another app that’s focused on becoming one of the best schedule text message apps it can be.

It is pretty straightforward. As a result, it doesn’t come with lots of other functions. But it does offer some options that we haven’t seen in the other apps, for example, the ability to view your scheduled messages in a Calendar View. It also provides you with ideas for messages you could possibly send on special occasions. Select from the app’s library then copy and paste it into your own text.

When scheduling a text message on this app, all you need to do is launch the app and then click the plus button to begin composing your message. Assign the date and time to it. The app is incredibly light and quick. The app is free to use with ads that you will only see when you click the send button.

sms scheduler android

5. Textodo

Unlike Textra and Pulse, Textodo does not have the same customization options. It’s quite useful for those who like to keep their information private since privacy is a big concern for many people.

The app also comes with a control feature that sends a message to your receiver at a pre-set interval. It has some other features but a big part of Texodo is being an SMS scheduler for android devices.

So here’s how you can send scheduled text messages using Textodo.

Open up a new text, you’ll notice there are two buttons on top of the text box. Click on the first one to make the Scheduling options appear. After that, enter the date and time then set whether you want the app to send it out repeatedly.

schedule a text message android

You can see your scheduled messages by clicking on the Clock icon at the top of the screen.

Scheduling Text Messages

It’s normal for a human to forget things, if you have the tendency to do so, don’t hate yourself for it. You can easily solve that issue, by simply installing any of the above-mentioned text scheduler apps on your phone. This way you’ll make sure your information goes through when you want.