8 Tips for Installing DIY Home Security Cameras

Today everyone wants their houses safe. Back then when there were no such things as cameras, it was hard to secure your houses. However, as of now, the world is completely changed. It becomes so easy to secure any house by just installing CCTV cameras outside of their houses. The security camera system also keeps changing from time to time. First, there were bigger cameras. Not only that but also their pixels were not good enough to identify the robber. However, today there are smart security systems that are easily connected with sensors and mobile devices.

If we talk about the latest security system, the DIY security system is used by many houses. There are many factors for which the DIY security system gained popularity. Before this modern technology people used to sign a contract with security companies. Which then visit the house and set their security system in that house. Now, DIY systems allow you to install your security system on your own. The DIY security system also reduces your installation cost. Because you can install this security system on your own, without taking help from anyone. You do not need any professional skills to set up this system. The DIY security cameras can be easily connected with your mobile devices and different sensors. They also activate automatically as soon you leave your house.

how to install cctv camera in home

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These DIY security cameras can be connected by your phone through an application. All the details regarding installation can be easily found in the manual. It is not that hard to install the system. However, you just need to know the right position for security cameras around your house.

The right and authentic place for your security cameras matters. It is one of the most important things to keep in mind when installing the security system on your own. If you do not have the right information regarding the installation of a DIY security system, either you can hire the team for that or you must read this article till the end.

Tips for Installing Home Security Cameras

We have gathered the information which helps you to install your DIY security camera system around your house. All the tips are from professionals, so read every tip carefully and try to implement it.

1. Place Cameras at Right Height and Range

install cctv camera at home

The position of cameras matters. If they are not in the right position, they cannot perform their job properly. Some cameras have motion sensors. Motion sensors cameras have a limited range to detect motion properly and accurately. If they are not in the right range, then cameras cannot detect motion properly and you cannot act at on right time.

Place your cameras between 8 – 10 feet height so that they can detect motion effectively and the right angle also matters. If your camera can be reached out easily, then it is easy for robbers to destroy the camera.

2. Where to Place Home Security Cameras?

security camera installation tips

All your entrance must indeed be well protected. The important entrances can be your front and backside of your house. Every entrance which is level with the ground needs to be monitored by security cameras. The other sides like your driveway and side entrances also need to be guarded properly. If your house has two entrances on the same side, then try to place a camera that covers both entrances properly.

It is up to you whether you want to place two or three cameras outside. Else, you can use one camera for each entrance separately.

3. Wireless Cameras Are Not Suitable for Brick Walls Homes

security camera tips

Most people want a wireless security system. They think that it can make the cameras easily get shutdown. Maybe you are right. However, if you are living in an apartment or having a home with thick brick walls, then a wireless security camera system is not for you.

Why? Because wireless cameras can not communicate properly with your router. The thick walls interfere with the signals, which causes a loss in connection with your wireless cameras. You can not access the live video recording, because of week signals. So, you must drill holes and do proper wiring in this case.

4. Should Security Cameras Be Visible?

tips for installing home security cameras

It is a very interesting debate whether to hide security cameras or not. No company or experts can suggest to you whether to hide your security cameras or remain them visible. It is totally up to you.

Some people think that hiding their cameras can help them more to catch the robbers. As robbers do not know if there are any security cameras or not. On the other hand, visible cameras help to prevent robbery. Because maybe intruders will not dare to enter the house.

However, these are just assumptions. So, which suits you best for you go for it.

5. Estimate Bandwidth Requirements for Modern Surveillance Systems

installation of cctv camera

As we talk above old security cameras do not have good resolution. However, companies are now selling high-resolution cameras. The standard resolution is 1080p. Now, security camera companies are also selling cameras with 2k and 4k resolution.

However, these high resolutions are useless if your internet bandwidth is low. The 2k or 4k resolutions support only high bandwidths. You should have at least 4 Mbps upload speed for each 4K 20 FPS Camera.

6. Connect Sensors with Security Camera

motion sensor security camera

The best feature to add to your security system is to connect your cameras with smart sensors and smart lights. Some people only install sensors to their entrances, so that they alert them when anything happens. However, the practice is to use the combination of both. The sensors and smart lights will set off when intruders barge into your home. In the meantime, security cameras will give a visual of those intruders. The sensors and smart light also scare the intruders, as they know that their presence is compromised.

7. Local vs Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance Systems

CCTV storage

Maybe you think that saving your security camera’s recording on the cloud is more secure rather than saving it on your local storage. However, this is not the case. Most security companies suggest their customers store their recordings on their local storage like SD cards. Local storage can not be accessed by anyone except you. So, your privacy will not be compromised by anyone.

Second, it also saves your money. Because security companies charge their customers for storing recording on their cloud storage. Not only that but also your personal recordings can be accessed by hackers.

8. Maintenance of  your CCTV System

Maintenance of  your CCTV System

Your system is only a machine. It can not fix itself on its own. So, you must maintain your security system monthly. You can do different checks on your security cameras, to check whether they are running properly or not.

Some of the important checks can be checking the battery of cameras. Replace batteries on regular basis. Check for frequencies. Test your upload speed. Check for relevant videos, delete the videos which are not relevant so that you have free space to store future recordings. If you have motion sensors and smart lights, test them if they are still working or not.

Just follow these tips for the installation of your security cameras and you are good to go.