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How to Send Anonymous Messages in Telegram Group Chat

The ‘’Anonymous Admin’’ Telegram feature allows group admins to send anonymous messages into any Telegram group chat without revealing their true identity. This feature allows the group admins to keep their identity hidden from the list of group members.

In October 2020, Telegram added a new feature called “Batman Mode” which allows group admins to send messages without revealing their usernames or actual names. The admins send messages anonymously  using the group name, also similar to channel posts.

Before we start with the steps on how to send anonymous messages in Telegram groups, it’s worth noting that only group admins can send anonymous messages in Telegram groups. Also, admins cannot choose to switch away from being anonymous in their group, but as a member of the group, if you do not want to remain anonymous, you should ask the group admin/owner to cancel the permission.

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Telegram’s “Batman Mode” feature

Telegram allows you to see its latest “Batman Mode” feature, which intensifies the feeling of security and privacy that this great app offers to group owners since it allows them to converse anonymously within their groups.

I understand that the anonymous or incognito mode of browsing is very important. Well, some of the benefits of anonymity are now visible in the Telegram app. This is precisely relevant for those who manage a Telegram group and share their messages.

In general, group owners and admins do not want to reveal their personal details (name, phone number, etc.), and that is where Telegram’s anonymous mode comes in. They have to enable Batman mode to post as an anonymous admin in a group.

In the Batman mode, messages sent will display the name of the group, making the group owner and/or admins profile and phone number remain anonymous from the people that make up that group.

This function aids to guard your privacy against those who want to obtain your personal information without your permission.

How to Send Anonymous Message on Telegram

Please, follow these steps below:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Google Play Store and update your Telegram app for Android or iOS.

Step 2: After updating the app, tap its logo to launch it. Now open the group where you want to activate the anonymous message feature.

Step 3: Open up the group settings by clicking on the group name.

Step 4: To permit any member to send anonymous messages, you need to enable the contact administrator rights. If the member doesn’t have the administrator rights, then long-press on the member’s name and select “Promote to admin”.

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Step 5: Now scroll down and enable the “Remain Anonymous” option, and then click on the checkmark icon at the top right corner of the screen.

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After following the steps above, whenever the contact sends any message to the group, Telegram will display the group’s name instead of the real name.

That’s it! That is how you send anonymous messages in Telegram group chat.

Telegram Bot for Anonymous Group Chats

Telegram bots are AI-inspired applications that serve many functions. Anonymous Telegram Bot allows you to start conversations with other Telegram users without revealing your true identity and also without tracking your data.

Creating a Telegram bot requires some coding skills. Using a Telegram bot is simple enough and anyone can do it. Follow the steps below to start using a Telegram bot.

● Find the bot you’re interested in by using the app’s search bar, and select the bot from the list. You should search the bot’s username and not its display name as they can be multiple accounts with the same display names, but usernames cannot be identical. Checking the bot’s username first before adding them is the right thing to do.

● Begin a conversation with the bot and follow all the instructions from there. Although all bots have their own different unique commands and prompts.

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Add Anonymous Telegram Bot to your Group.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I switch between anonymous and regular messages on Telegram?

The answer’s No! You cannot switch between anonymous and regular messages. Group owners should manually cancel members’ ability to send anonymous messages.

2. Can a group member send anonymous messages in a Telegram group?

No! The “Anonymous Group Admins” feature as the name implies, is only for group admins and/or owners. To permit any member to send anonymous messages, you need to enable the “Contact Administrator rights.

As a member of a Telegram group, you are only limited to hiding your profile picture and phone number in the privacy settings if you do not want others to identify you.

3. What happens when messages are sent with a custom admin title?

If you have a custom admin title in the group, Telegram will always show it next to your message, even if it is sent in the anonymous mode. You can always ask the group owner to remove the custom admin title for your account to prevent that.