How to Set a Location Alarm on Android

location based alarm android

While we’re headed to work on train or bus, it’s common to catch a bit of shuteye. The only problem is if you’re napping a little too hard, you might end up oversleeping and missing your stop. Thankfully, there are some location alarm apps that will solve this problem. These apps let you set a destination address, then your phone will wake you up when you are about to reach your destination. So, in this article, I’ll show you, how to set location-based alarms on your Android phone (including Samsung).

Alarm-Me App

As you know, location alert in Google Maps is not very convenient. In case you are looking for something simple and free to use, Parax-6’s Alarm-Me app is just for you. This app straightforward offers a map and lets you pick a place, and create an alarm out of it. Here are some awesome features this free app provides.

  • Multiple ways to get notified. You can even choose your earphone if you don’t want to draw attention from other people.
  • Select the alarm tone you like and set the volume level.
  • You may control the alarm on your notifications bar and lock screen.
  • Track how far away you are from the location. As you travel, the distance decreases.
  • The accuracy is adjustable using a circle radius around the location.
  • It uses multiple location sources, not just GPS. So, it’ll work even if your signal is lost/weak.
  • Night mode.

Method 1: Setup Location-based Alarm on Android using Alarm-Me

1. So the first thing you should do is install the Alarm-me: A location alarm app on your device.

location alarm app

2. If you are using Android 6.0 or higher, you have to grant location permission from the Apps Manager.

android location alarm

3. Now, open the app and pick your destination stop. You have two options to do this. You can either enter your destination address into the “Where to?” field, or select it from the map.

alarm based on location

4. Once you’ve selected a location, tap the “Edit” option towards the bottom of the app. It’ll open up the ‘Alarm Configuration’ screen. Here, you can adjust several options for your location based alarm. 

alarm location

First, you need to set a radius – this is like a distance from your destination when your alarm will ring. Then, you can give this alarm a name and description which will save it for future trips.

location alarm android

In the ‘Notification’ section, you can choose how you’d like to be notified when your alarm goes off. By default, vibration is enabled, but you can pick a specific alarm ringtone for speaker and headphone. When you are satisfied with all of these, just tap the ‘Start!’ button and your location alarm will be set.

set alarm based on location

5. After setting your location alarm you’ll see an ongoing notification that tells you how far you are from your destination. Once you get within the radius of your destination, the alarm will go off and a full-screen notification will show you how close you are to your destination.

Best location alarm apps on android

Naplarm, Ultimate GPS Alarm, Reminders, Location Alarm, Proximity Alert are other great tools for daily commuters that instantly alert people when reaching the mentioned destination. 

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Method 2: Set Location Alert in Google Keep

Google Keep is known for being a note-taking app. You can also use Google Keep as a location alert app in your Android device. The Keep app allows you to set the note as a reminder for a later time. Here, you can choose to receive your reminders at a set location instead of a time.

So, follow the steps below to access the location-based alert option on Google Keep.

1. Open Keep on your phone and tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to create a note. 

location alarm

2. Enter a title for your note and the note body and tap the bell icon at the top right corner of the screen.

google maps location alarm

3. Choose the reminder type by selecting the ‘Place’ option, and enter the desired location. Just tap the location in the search results to select it.

location based alarm

4. Once the location is selected, click the save button to complete the setup. 

location alert

Now, when you are arriving at the location, you’ll hear a notification sound with the item appears in notifications.

Note: While there’s no radius feature, Keep can only remind you when you arrive at a location. 

You can also share notes and their location-based reminders with anyone who has a Gmail account. 

There are some other popular location-based reminder apps you can use such as, Todoist, PlanMe Reminder, etc. 

Location-based alarm not working on Android?

If location alarms do not work, there are several possible causes. 

  1. Your phone’s location setting is incorrect. So, open the Settings app and find the location section. There, you need to set the ‘Locating Mode’ to ‘High Accuracy’.how to set alarm for location
  2. Make sure battery optimization is not enabled for the location alarm to set location alarm in google map
  3. On the lock screen, allow notifications. Also, allow notification alerts under ‘Do Not Disturb’.location alarm google maps
  4. Finally, make sure your device’s location service is turned on, and the app has permission to access the location.

So, when you travel next time, keep one of these location alerts apps with your mobile phone. You are not going to miss the bus stop or train station again?