Share Internet via Bluetooth Between PC and Android

bluetooth internet sharing

Normally, people would use their phones to share their internet connection with their PCs, laptops, or other devices via mobile hotspot or USB tethering. But there are times when the opposite can happen. It is possible to share PC internet via Bluetooth. Windows is capable of this in case the phone is somehow incapable of accessing the internet. This time, we’ll discuss Sharing internet via Bluetooth between PC and Android.

Case 1: Share PC Internet via Bluetooth

There are instances when the phone can’t access the internet, but your PC can. For example, there is something wrong with the phone’s Wi-Fi. Another instance is when the phone has expended the allocation of its data plan. You can also be in a place with no Wi-Fi hotspot, and lastly, you’re in a place inaccessible by data signals such as a building basement and you need to access an app exclusively on your phone. The PC or laptop however is connected via secure ethernet and has Bluetooth enabled. It is possible to share pc internet via Bluetooth.

Windows will be our platform for now, but it may be possible to do this on Mac as well as Linux. It’s a process called reverse-tethering. Follow these steps.

 If your PC or laptop has Bluetooth, enable it by going to Settings. Search for Bluetooth. You’ll see an item called Bluetooth and Other Devices then click. Once there, Switch Bluetooth on. You’ll see a text that the device is now discoverable. Please note your device name.

Share Internet via Bluetooth

 Next, you have to enable internet sharing via Bluetooth. Go to Settings. Then click on Network and Internet. Once there, click on Mobile Hotspot. Depending on your Windows version, you’ll see ‘Turn on Mobile Hotspot’ or ‘Share My Internet Connection with Other Devices’. Turn this on.

share pc internet via bluetooth

Then below, you’ll see Share Over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Select Bluetooth. It should now be possible to share PC internet via Bluetooth.

 Next, you have to pair your phone to your PC via Bluetooth. Go to Settings and enable Bluetooth and select your PC or laptop. Accept the pairing invite on your computer. Wait until the pairing is successful.

bluetooth internet sharing pc to mobile

Once successful, your Android phone should now be able to access the internet courtesy of your PC’s connection. If you check on Network and Internet Settings, you should see your phone’s name and assigned IP and MAC address. Congratulations. You can now use the internet on your phone for those unique apps or for whatever purpose you require.

Case 2: Share Mobile Internet via Bluetooth

There are times when you need internet for your laptop or PC but you’re in an area where there’s no available Wi-Fi or Ethernet. All you have is your phone and a good data plan. Since we now know that it’s possible to share PC internet to mobile via Bluetooth, Let’s discuss the opposite method – How to share mobile internet via Bluetooth in a process called Bluetooth tethering.

As mentioned earlier, people normally connect their phones to their laptops or desktops by turning their phones into mobile hotspots. Computers can then connect to those via Wi-Fi. There’s also the process called USB tethering for a more secure connection in case you don’t want to share your data connection with others through Wi-Fi.

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours. What if you don’t have your USB cable with you? And what if for some reason, there’s a problem with your computer’s Wi-Fi receiver? What if you do have a cord but the computer’s available port uses USB Type C instead of Type A or vice versa? The only option remaining is to share mobile internet via Bluetooth. By now, all laptops and many desktops should be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Otherwise, always keep USB Wi-Fi or Bluetooth dongles handy (Cue MacGyver theme song).

To share mobile internet via Bluetooth, follow these steps.

 Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. Switch on Mobile data. Then, go to your phone Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering, and enable Bluetooth Tethering. Bluetooth Tethering was developed for instances when a wired connection between the phone and computer is not possible.

share internet via bluetooth android

 Next, pair the PC and the phone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth should be turned on for both devices. On Windows, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices. To the right, click on Devices and Printers. The phone should be listed in the device listings. If it is, right-click and select ‘Connect Using’. There are two options – Direct Connection, which allows the computer access to the phone itself, or Access Point, to share mobile internet via Bluetooth. Choose Access Point. The network icon on your system tray should be enabled if successful.

bluetooth tethering android to pc

There you have it. You successfully managed to share mobile internet via Bluetooth as well as share PC internet via Bluetooth. Windows on modern laptops and desktops have thankfully become versatile enough to allow these techniques so you wouldn’t be without internet in crucial moments. Crucial moments like when your home or office internet connection is down, and cable connectivity and Wi-Fi aren’t available. When you have to send an email with an attachment through your data plan. Or the opposite, when your phone’s Wi-Fi and data connections have issues when you need to use a special app that requires an internet connection. Thankfully, there’s still Bluetooth to save the day.

Hopefully, this short tutorial on how to Share Internet via Bluetooth Between PC and Android has been a big help. Impress your friends and colleagues with these tricks or actually help when these valid needs arise.