Share Internet via Bluetooth Between PC and Android

bluetooth internet sharing

Typically, users would utilize mobile hotspots or USB tethering on their phones to connect their PCs, laptops, or other devices to the internet. It can happen the other way around too. Bluetooth can be used to share a PC’s internet connection. Bluetooth enables Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as Windows desktops, Android tablets, and some iOS devices, to share an Internet connection. You can use Internet “tethering” to avoid purchasing separate Internet plans for each of your mobile devices if your organization has a Bluetooth device. Some cell service providers do, however, charge extra for tethering. If the phone is unable to connect to the internet for some reason, Windows can still perform this.

We will get you through how Bluetooth internet sharing between a PC and an Android device works, in this article.


Method 1: Share PC Internet via Bluetooth

There are times when your PC can access the internet even while your phone can’t. For instance, the phone’s Wi-Fi is malfunctioning. Another situation is when the phone’s data allocation has been used up. Finally, you would need to use an app only on your phone because you’re in a location where data signals aren’t available. In both of these situations, there may be no Wi-Fi hotspot nearby. However, the laptop or computer is linked via secure Ethernet and has Bluetooth turned on. Bluetooth can be used to share a computer’s internet.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your computer or laptop to turn on Bluetooth. Look up Bluetooth. Click when you see the item “Bluetooth and Other Devices.” Turn on Bluetooth once there. A text stating that the gadget is now discoverable will appear. Specify the name of your device.


Share Internet via Bluetooth

Step 2: The next step is to turn on Bluetooth internet sharing. Access Settings, after that, select Network and Internet, and then Click on Mobile Hotspot. You may see “Turn on Mobile Hotspot” or “Share My Internet Connection with Other Devices” depending on the version of Windows you are using. Switch this on.


share pc internet via bluetooth

The Share Over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth options are shown below. Choose Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth to share a PC’s internet connection should now be possible.

Step 3: The next step is to Bluetooth-pair your phone and computer. Select your PC or laptop in Settings, turn on Bluetooth, and then click OK. On your computer, accept the pairing invitation. Hold off till the matching works.


bluetooth internet sharing pc to mobile

Once it’s done, your Android phone should be able to use your PC’s connection to browse the internet. Your phone’s name allocated IP address, and MAC address should be visible if you look under Network and Internet Settings. You are good to go. Now that your phone has internet access, you can utilize it for whichever needs you have.


Method 2: Share Mobile Internet via Bluetooth

There are instances when you require internet access for your laptop or computer but are in a location without Wi-Fi or Ethernet. You only have a reliable data plan and your phone. Since we now know that it is possible to transfer the internet from a PC to a mobile device using Bluetooth, let’s talk about the opposite approach – how to share the internet from a mobile device using Bluetooth, also known as Bluetooth tethering.

By turning their phones into mobile hotspots, individuals typically connect their phones to their laptops or desktops. Then, computers can communicate with them via Wi-Fi. If you prefer a more private connection and don’t want to share your Wi-Fi data connection with others, you can alternatively use a procedure known as USB tethering.

Below are the steps to successfully share mobile internet via Bluetooth.


Step 1. Make sure the internet is accessible on your phone. Activate mobile data. Then, turn on Bluetooth Tethering by going to Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering on your phone. When a network device between the phone and computer is not available, Bluetooth tethering was created.

share internet via bluetooth android

Step 2: Next, use Bluetooth to connect the PC and the phone. Both devices need to have Bluetooth enabled. Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices on Windows. Click Devices and Printers on the right. The device listings ought to include the phone. If so, choose “Connect Using” when you right-click. There are two choices: Access Point, which uses Bluetooth to distribute mobile internet, or Direct Connection, which gives the computer access to the phone directly. Decide on Access Point. If successful, your system tray’s network icon should be turned on.

bluetooth tethering android to pc


Sharing mobile internet with other devices is relatively easy. Thankfully, Windows on recent laptops and desktops has gotten flexible enough to support these methods, assuring that you wouldn’t be without the internet at essential times. crucial times, such as when Wi-Fi, cable connectivity, and your home or office’s internet connection aren’t functioning. Internet connection is essential to so many daily activities at this point in time. A lot of tasks won’t work without an internet connection. Good thing, there is Bluetooth to save the day. And the best thing is that sharing the internet via Bluetooth between PC and Android is made quick and easy.