Share Screen on Microsoft Teams with Audio

how to share screen on microsoft teams

As the whole world faces this great pandemic which is known as Covid-19, the whole world is stuck. As this virus spreads through physical interaction, every company and education institutes have started working virtually. The software, which was unknown to most people, gained huge popularity. Companies are now taking interviews through online meeting software. Similarly, schools, colleges, universities, are taking their classes on different video conferencing software.

Most of the virtual meeting software is open source and easy to use. There is multiple online meeting software. However, among them, one is most popular which is named ‘Microsoft Teams’.

Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform, through which people communicate with each other through video calls. You can also share your files through this software. However, nowadays this software is also in demand by education institutes.

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How to share your screen on Microsoft Teams

If you have a presentation in your office, or have a project submission in your college, school, or university, and do not know how to represent it, do not worry, Microsoft Teams got your back. Microsoft Teams have a feature called share screen, which is used to share your computer screen. By sharing your screen you can show any content through your device. You can share your screen through any device, if you are in the meeting through your mobile phone, or desktop, or laptop, you can easily share your screen.

If you are new to Microsoft Teams and do not know how to share your screen, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn how to share your screen from a desktop, as well as from your mobile phone. Not only that, but you will also learn everything about the share screen feature, and what more you can do with this feature, regardless of sharing your screen. Read this article till the end, to know everything about the feature.

Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing on PC

It is not much rocket science to share your screen while using Microsoft Teams from your PC. Just look for a share button, which is displayed on the screen having an upward arrow icon. After pressing that icon, you will see different sharing options. You can select according to your need. You can share your current window, PowerPoint file, whiteboard, not only that you can also share your whole desktop screen. If you choose the whole desktop option, you could easily navigate anywhere on your desktop, while sharing your screen.

share screen on microsoft teams on pc

After the completion of your sharing, you must press the icon again, this time you will see it says, ‘stops sharing’, just press that.

If you are not using the Microsoft Teams desktop app and running Microsoft Teams on your browser, you will need the latest version of your Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, to enable multiple sharing options.

Windows users do not have to change any privacy settings when sharing the screen, while Mac users need to change their privacy settings before sharing the screen. However, Linux users can not share their windows.

Share Powerpoint Presentation

One of the sharing screen options also includes PowerPoint files. If you have a presentation, you can select this feature. The procedure is the same, you must press the sharing screen icon and select the PowerPoint option.

microsoft teams powerpoint presentation

There are two possibilities, first, if you have files in recent which you have opened or edited, it will be displayed there. The file, which is present in the recent section, can be view and accessed by the participants easily. Second, if your file is not present in the recent section, then you must browse the file. For this you must first upload that file on the file section. All the members which are present in the channel can easily access that file.

Give Sharing Screen Control

If you are working as a team and need some help from other teammates, you can give control of your screen share to your teammates. Through this, your team members can access your desktop while you can represent your work. To do this, you need to go sharing toolbar, from their just click on give control, after that you must select the person who will have access to your desktop.

microsoft teams share screen give control

After giving control to your member, Microsoft Teams will notify you with the name of the person, who has control of your desktop. That person has the right to edit, select, or change the shared screen.

Request Screen Sharing Control

In Microsoft Teams, you are not limited to sharing your screen and giving control of your screen to someone else. You can also request control from a person sharing their screen. You must click on request control, and the person sharing the screen will accept or deny the request.

If your request is accepted, you can do different operations. After doing your work, you can release the control from the toolbar.

Include System Audio in Teams Meetings

If you have any video or audio clip, which you must share while sharing your screen, the Microsoft Teams provide an extra feature name as ‘include system audio’. This feature will allow you to share any sound from your desktop to be listened to by your team meeting members.

share system audio microsoft teams

When you click on start sharing, you will have the option named ‘include system audio’, click on it to share your system audio.

However, remember one thing that this feature will not work with whiteboard and PowerPoint sharing.

Mobile Screen Sharing in Microsoft Teams

For any reason, if you do not have your desktop or laptop with you, do not worry about screen sharing. Microsoft Teams has also a mobile app, which also has a screen share feature in it. To use that feature from mobile is also similar and easy, just like using it from your desktop.

share screen on Microsoft teams Mobile

On the meeting screen, you will have three dots, click on them, and select the share screen icon. You will have different sharing options – video, photo, PowerPoint, and the entire screen.

At the bottom of your mobile screen, you will have the start and stop button. When you need to share your screen just tap on the start button. When finished, simply tap on the stop button, it will stop.