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Best Software Quality Assurance Courses

Best Software Quality Assurance CoursesTechnology can be considered an essential part of people’s lives today. In our daily tasks and commitments, we have to eventually deal with technology. Like answering emails on our computers, taking phone calls and sending text messages. As well as researching all kinds of information for class or work. Technological advancements have made great waves in improving people’s lives. And much of this credit can be attributed to software engineers and the team of people who test the quality of their programs and ideas.

One important aspect of this process of creating all kinds of programs and software are quality assurance. Quality assurance is an entire stage from actual software development. It concerns correcting possible flaws and issues with the performance of the program. And fixing it before it gets published to the public. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best software quality assurance courses. Together with their perks and what they can do to forward your career in the quality assurance field. 

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Best Software Quality Assurance Courses

1. Test Automation University

Test Automation University is your all-in-one hub for learning all kinds of lessons and information of software development and quality assurance testing. The website features all kinds of free courses, guides, and videos on testing, with most content being accessible to users for free. These include courses on using Javascript, using project planning tools for software, and more. 

There’s an entire community of both aspiring testers and professionals in the testing industry that use the website to also share their insights and answers to different questions. You can also earn certifications to be a quality assurance tester via Test Automation University. 

2. The Complete 2023 Software Testing Bootcamp

The Complete 2023 Software Testing Bootcamp - Coupons ME

If you’re someone new to quality assurance testing, this first online course is a great place to start. This course was put together by QA tester Tarek Roshdy, and it attempts to put together all of the basics and important practices that aspiring QA testers should know. 

The course includes the basic definitions of concepts that concern quality assurance testing, the tools used in management testing, techniques such as Black Box and White Box techniques, and more. Beyond providing you with information about basic test case writing and applications in different scenarios, the course also helps prepare you for quality assurance testing interviews and job opportunities. This course is a great start to understanding not only the basic concepts of software testing, but also the state and expectations for professionals in the industry. 

The course has been subscribed to by over 100,000 users, and currently boasts a 4.6 star rating among 20,000 users. You can subscribe to the class on the education site Udemy. 

3. MasterClass Software Testing with Jira & Agile 

Udemy – MasterClass Software Testing with Jira & Agile -Be a QA Lead 2019-3 – Downloadly

Another popular course on udemy is MasterClass Software Testing with Jira & Agile. The information in this course is more advanced than in the Complete 2023 Software Testing Bootcamp. This course is more focused on applying basic software testing concepts in team scenarios where you would create software programs with different developers and testers. 

The course features lessons such as using project management tools such as Jira, which include writing test cases and providing information on how the flow of creating a project goes. You also get to learn about Agile scrum and other test practices that are greatly relevant in the software development and quality testing scene.

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What is the best course for quality assurance?

The best courses for quality assurance will depend on who is doing the course. For beginners, basic courses that introduce the foundational concepts found in quality assurance and testing is the priority. Courses on learning different programming languages are also important in building the important knowledge that is required for professional testing. On the other hand, professionals will get more value out of courses that focus on specific activities and programs that help in improving their work as QA testers and developers. 

Is QA a good career 2023?

Technology is growing more rapidly and becoming more of a needed aspect in people’s lives. So, being a QA tester remains a great job career for those who are looking for a fulfilling and stable career path. There are all kinds of software programs and companies that specialize in different software. Making the industry much more diverse and accepting of testers from different backgrounds.

As of 2022, and early 2023, many companies and start-ups are looking for QA testers. Making software industry workers still greatly in demand. Surely, the demand for QA testers won’t decline soon. 

How do I become a quality assurance software tester?

To be a quality assurance software tester, you first need to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This includes a degree in any field related to science, mathematics, or engineering. The most common path for those who want to work in the software industry are to graduate with computer engineering or software engineering.

Before becoming a QA tester, you first need to earn certifications from accredited coding organizations or boot camps to prove that you have the needed skills to properly become a QA tester. You must also develop a good set of soft skills related to your field. Such as team cooperation, project management, leadership, and more. 

Is QA still in demand?

QA still remains in demand because of how prevalent technology is today. There are many companies that are looking to find talented QA testers to join their teams. 

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