How to Tell If Someone Hacked Your Laptop Webcam

how to know if your laptop webcam is hacked

Ever wonder why someone’s laptop webcam is having a tap on it? Because they know how easily a laptop webcam can be hacked. Any laptop webcam can be easily hacked without even you know about it. This means that you can be easily monitored and recorded by hackers. The hackers use a remote administration tool, which can be easily installed into your laptop secretly.

Anyone can face this kind of hack. The most common reason for which hackers do this is to get ransom from people. Multiple solutions can stop this attack like installing good anti-malware software. However, how to tell if someone hacked your webcam or not?

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How Do You Know If Your Laptop Camera is Hacked?

There are some signs which show that someone is spying on you through your laptop webcam. We have listed down some indications which show that maybe your laptop camera is hacked. Read all the indications carefully, if you are facing any one of them, we suggest you reboot your laptop as soon as possible.

1. Check for Indicator Light on Your Webcam

One of the most common and easiest problems is to look for your indicator light on your webcam. You may have noticed that when you start your webcam in any video meetings this light gets activated. This means that your webcam is working.

why is my webcam light on

Try to notice that light whether it is activating on its own or not. If you are not using your webcam and your webcam light gets activated, it could be dangerous. It is a positive point that maybe your webcam is being used by someone else, without your knowledge. However, there are also other reasons for which the webcam’s indicator light gets activated.

One reason is that some apps require access to your webcam. When you start those apps it activates the light. You can block the permission of those apps from getting access to your webcam.

To resolve this issue first you have to restart your laptop. Do not open any app or browser, even close every app running in the background. If your webcam indicator light gets activated this means that your privacy is compromised.

If not try to open every app on your laptop one by one. Notice your webcam’s indicator light, if it gets activated while open any app, you can delete that app if it is not trusted. However, you can also block their access by searching on Google how to block webcam access for an app.

2. Check for Browser Extensions

If you have extensions installed in your browser, then it can also turn your webcam on without your concern. For this, you can cross-check for your extensions that which extension is activating your webcam. If you want to confirm whether extensions are a problem, then first restart your laptop and open your browser. If your webcam’s indicator light gets activated it means that extensions are a problem.

someone hacked your webcam

To catch the culprit, we suggest you simple method. First, you need to disable your all running extensions for time being. After that start each extension one by one. Each time you enable one extension restart your browser. This will help you to find out the right culprit. This does not mean that your extension is monitoring you. It shows that the extension is not coded well enough. Now delete that extension and try to find another extension having the same functionality.

3. Check for Webcam Video Files Stored on Your System 

Maybe you have installed the latest and powerful malware in your system. However, sometimes malware does not function smartly enough. If hackers somehow manage to get into your system and trying to save video recording onto your system through your webcam, malware does not stop them. Malware will not alarm you, because it thinks that it is a normal recording.

What will you do in this situation? The simplest solution of this is to check unknown video files in your hard drive folders, which are not being saved by you. Most people do not check for these kinds of files. Hackers will not save those recordings with simple names or tags. Try to check every folder and find any suspicious video files.

check webcam video files

You can start with your webcam’s default folder. Some webcams have a dedicated folder in which video files are saved by default. You can also check your other video folders that are being created in your system.

4. Hackers Demanding Ransom Money Through a Message 

Most hackers want only one thing from you, that is your hard-earned money. It can be a nightmare for anyone receiving a message from an unknown person that includes demanding extortion money. They will ask you to pay the demanded amount through different payment methods.

your webcam has been hacked

It is not necessary that this message is really authentic or not. Maybe a hacker is playing with you by telling a lie to get easy money. You can ignore these messages as these messages are often sent to random people. The hackers can get your contact details on the dark web, they send similar emails to multiple people to try their luck to get money. If there is no solid evidence in that email or message, we suggest you that never try to send money to these hackers. If you can’t find any video evidence, it means that there are chances that they do not have control over your webcam.

If there are any video links or files never open them. There are chances that they inject some malware into those links or files. You can run your antivirus software so that you can find problems. Always change your email password also, if you received an email from a hacker. Changing your password will prevent hackers from hacking your account.

Protect Webcam from being Hacked

protect webcam on laptop

If you are worried about hackers that can spy on you through your webcam, you can use tape on your camera. Always run an antivirus on your computer and check your video folders on regular basis. If hackers demand money never pay them. Always report this kind of emails and messages to the cybersecurity agencies.