7 Best Offline Song Lyrics Apps for Android

music lyrics app offlineIf you’re a fond music lover who loves learning new songs and lyrics, it’s almost essential to have a trusted song lyric app. These apps will provide you the accurate lyrics of a song instead of scrolling through search engines to find the right set of words to it. Some people may not also have  access to internet connection to search up lyrics. In this article, we have listed down only the best offline song lyrics apps for Android with in-built music player.

List of 7 Best Offline Lyrics Apps for Android

1. Genius

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The first app on our list is a popular and comprehensive song lyric app called Genius. This app rose to fame because it features one of the biggest collections of songs among the different song lyric apps that you can download online. Another thing with Genius is that it allows users to annotate lyrics with their analysis of what each line means. There are also certain lyrics and songs where facts are added by the artists and producers, making it even more fun and interesting to learn about.

Genius can also help you discover new and trending songs at the moment by viewing the app’s section where they showcase the most popular songs as of today.

Download Genius — Song Lyrics & More

2. QuickLyric

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Another great option for a song lyric app is QuickLyric. QuickLyric allows you to download and access lyrics to your favorite songs. One unique feature of this app is called Karaoke, where the app can identify a song that is currently playing in your environment, and it can identify the song title for you.

The main issue with QuickLyric is that there are numerous ads that will pop up and interfere with your user experience. If you’re willing to invest in this app, you can download the premium version to remove all ads from it.

Download QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics

3. Lyrix

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The third app on our list is called Lyrix. It sets itself apart from other lyric apps on our list and on the PlayStore because the lyrics added to the app are encoded by users of Lyrix. This makes the chances of finding the lyrics of more obscure and unknown songs more likely because of the large community contributing to the app. If you can’t find the lyrics of the song you’re looking for, you can add them yourself to Lyrix! After finding the lyrics that you want to save, you can download them on your device for offline viewing.

A downside of this app is that you have to be highly specific with the song you want in its search engine. You need to complete the song name, as well as the artist’s name.

Download Lyrix – Find Song Lyrics and Save Offline

4. Lyrics Mania

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The fourth application on our list for the best song lyric apps is called Lyrics Mania. Like our other picks, this app allows you to download different songs’ lyrics so that you can access it offline. You can view your downloads in the app’s library. Lyrics Mania also has a translation feature where you can view both the translated version of the lyrics in whatever language you want, and the original way it was written.

This app also has both free and paid versions. In the paid version you will not see ads, on the other hand, the free version is ad-supported.

Download Lyrics Mania – Music Player

5. Shazam

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Shazam is another popular song lyric app, and it rose to fame because it was the first app in the public online market to identify songs simply by sound. Whether you are searching for artists, videos, lyrics, or playlists, you will find it quickly and for free. Shazam also allows you to add your newly discovered song on your Spotify account’s playlist or Liked Songs. The app even grants access for viewing music videos on YouTube.

Shazam’s features can be accessed for free, and it also has an offline mood that allows you to identify songs and lyrics without an internet connection.

Download Shazam

6. Musixmatch Lyrics

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Another popular application for finding songs and accessing song lyrics is Musixmatch. Like Genius and Shazam, Musixmatch is one of the largest and most elaborate song lyric apps because of its collection, which can also be synced with other platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and other music platforms. It also has a translation feature that allows you to view both the original and translated lyrics of a song as it is playing.

The real-time notification feature helps you to get the current track lyrics, which are being played. The search engine of Musixmatch is also convenient because you can search for a song simply with its lyrics if you don’t know the title or artist name, however, you can also search with either of the last two options.

Download Musixmatch: lyrics finder

7. Tunifi Music Player

music player with lyrics offlineThe final song on our list is Tunifi Music Player. It can import a song’s lyrics as you’re playing it on your Android device. It also allows you to download song lyrics quickly and easily. You can even adjust the song you’re listening to with its in-app equalizer.

Download Tunifi Music Player