7 Best Offline Song Lyrics Apps for Android

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It can be possible that not every time your phone has an internet connection. If there is a time you want to listen to a specific song and do not have an internet connection, then what will you do? There are apps available on the Play Store which allow you to listen to your favorite music even when your phone is offline. In this article, we have listed down only the best offline song lyrics apps for Android with in-built music player.

List of 7 Best Offline Lyrics Apps for Android

1. Genius

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We have listed down the Genius app on top of this list because it has one of the biggest collections of different song lyrics. Also, it has crowdsourced musical knowledge which is interesting. You can search millions of song lyrics on Genius. You can search for annotated lyrics that you listened to recently. There is also the section where you’ll find all the top trending songs on Genius. There is a feature in the app that helps you to read annotation by tapping on highlighted part of the lyrics.

Genius gives you so much knowledge about different songs. You can read the facts related to tracks that are verified by artists and producers of that song. It can bring the song which is being played around you by just listening to its lyrics.

Download Genius — Song Lyrics & More

2. QuickLyric

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QuickLyric is another amazing application available for Android. This app has different features, one of them is called Karaoke. Karaoke helps you to find the song which is being played around you, without asking different people. It is an amazing app for finding any song lyrics. It also has floating mode and offline playing mode.

One problem is that as it is a free application, you will see different ads pop up at different times. For some people, ads can be frustrating, so if you do not prefer to see ads, you can buy the premium version of the app.

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3. Lyrix

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The Lyrix is an Android song lyrics app that works differently. It saves your desired song lyrics which you can access in offline mode. However, all the lyrics text which you find in that app is added by its community. It means that all the text you see is written by the users themselves.

There are most probably chances that the app will find the specific lyrics you are searching for, because there are millions of song lyrics from all over the world available in this application. However, if you still do not find your desired lyrics, you can add those lyrics to the application and help the community.

In this application, you will not be able to find the song which is being played around you. Its search filter is not good enough, you need to type the complete song name, and also sometimes you need to enter the author name. However, it includes voice input, through that you can speak the song’s name and it will search for you.

Download Lyrix – Find Song Lyrics and Save Offline

4. Lyrics Mania

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The next application on our list is Lyrics Mania. This application has an offline mode which gives you easiness to download all the songs’ lyrics at once. You do not need to search online, everything will be stored in your library. From there you can easily access it.

Lyrics Mania has the feature to find the music which is currently being played on your phone. It saves your time, as you do not have to type the song name. However, the lyrics displayed on the screen are not much attractive.

The great thing about this app is that it can translate the lyrics into your desired language. You can view both original and translated lyrics. This app also has both free and paid versions. In the paid version you will not see ads, on the other hand, the free version is ad-supported.

Download Lyrics Mania – Music Player

5. Shazam

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Shazam is a song app that can identify any song just in a few seconds. Whether you are searching for artists, videos, lyrics, or playlists, you will find it quickly and for free. You can add the song to your Spotify playlist too. Also, you can watch music videos lyrics from YouTube. The new update brings Shazam dark mode.

Through this application, you can identify music in any app. It also has an offline mode, so you can easily use this app while you do not have an internet connection. It has a feature that allows you to find songs in the background when you are not using the application. It has different data charts which give you popular songs of your country, even in your city. It also includes sharing option which allows you to share your favorite songs with your friends and family.

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6. Musixmatch Lyrics

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Musixmatch application is available on the Android store, used by millions of people. It has one of the world’s largest song lyrics collection, from which you can get synchronized lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, or other platforms. It also has a feature that allows you to get a translation of a song that you do not understand.

Through Musixmatch you can get song lyrics from YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and many more. The real-time notification feature helps you to get the current track lyrics, which are being played. You can learn lyrics from different languages, as it has translation mode. It has different search filters, you can search with title, artist name, or just by typing the lyrics of the song. Also, it can detect songs playing around you.

Download Musixmatch: lyrics finder

7. Tunifi Music Player

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Tunifi Music Player is an app that has the functionality to import the song lyrics automatically while it is being played. It will be displayed on the screen so that you can read while listening to the song. Also, it gives you the feasibility to download all the song lyrics on just one tap. It also gives you an equalizer.

It is the perfect app for anyone who loves to listen and read song lyrics at the same time. No need to search on Google, you can easily find any song lyrics on this application.

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