How to Stop Apps from using Foreground Data on Android

restrict foreground data android

On your Android device, some apps can be utilizing cellular data even when they are not being used. Fortunately, it is simple to spot and stop apps from utilizing costly cellular data on Android phones. Nearly all internet-related apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and others, use the internet in the background to improve the user experience. Messaging apps and other social media platforms, in particular, use internet data in the background to stay in continual communication with their parent servers. Even while not in use, many apps continue to consume your expensive cellular foreground data on your Android devices.

For whatever reason, this article might be helpful to you if you want to prevent particular apps from accessing the internet. On your Android phone, you can either restrict All Apps from Using Cellular Data or just Specific Apps, depending on your Data Plan. There are two ways to limit internet access in particular apps on Android: using the built-in feature and using a third-party firewall program.


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Methods on How to Stop Apps from Using Background Data on Android devices

Method 1: Using Android’s built-in Option

There are several restrictions while using Android’s built-in capability. The built-in feature of Android limits an app’s background data, not its foreground data. It implies that the app can connect to the internet when it is launched, even if background data is disabled. Only cellular data connections are restricted for Android’s older version. This implies that even if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, the program will continue to use background data. If you prefer this option, we will stop apps from using an internet connection through the apps management page. Follow the steps below:

stop apps from using foreground data

Step 1: Go to “Settings” > “App Management” on your phone. You can get a list of all the installed apps on your device here.

Step 2: Choose the app for which you wish to disable background data.

Step 3: Select “Data Usage” from the “App details” screen.

Step 4: Disable both Wi-Fi and mobile data under the “Network Permission” option.

Depending on the brand of your phone and the Android version you are running, there may be a difference in how you go to this option. This option may be found in the “Settings” “Data Usage” page for some users.

Method 2: Stop Apps from using Foreground Data Using a Firewall App

In this method, we will use a third-party application called Mobiwol. The fantastic app Mobiwol allows you to block the internet for particular apps. It is free and functional without an internet connection. A firewall app, on the other hand, can disable data for specified apps over both cellular and Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, it will prevent certain apps from using data in the foreground or background. Install Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall on your phone, then stick to the instructions.

how to stop foreground data usage

Step 1: Open the app and provide the necessary permissions in your settings first.

Step 2: Select the “Firewall Rules” option from the homepage. Your device’s apps, including the system apps, may be found here.

how to restrict foreground data on android

Step 3: To disable the corresponding connections for each app, tap the Wi-Fi and mobile network icons on the right side of each app.

Step 4: Return to the homepage and activate “Firewall Status.” The app will establish a VPN connection and halt data usage for apps that are restricted.

After that, you can verify by launching any of the restricted applications. You’ll see that the app has no online access, even if your internet connection is activated.



You would need to use Internet data to get the most out of the majority of these Android apps. The cost of purchasing data might significantly boost if you have a lot of these apps on your device because they consume so much internet bandwidth.

Limiting the amount of data that certain apps can use is one of the best strategies to handle this issue. Learning How to Stop Apps from using Foreground Data on Android will make a big difference in your data charges.