How to Live Stream From OBS to Multiple Platforms at Once

The goal of social media streamers is to gain as many views as possible, especially those that are out to profit from such a venture. For that, one has to spread awareness and upload to as many social media platforms as possible. While YouTube is perhaps the most profitable network out there, followed by Twitch, the other players have their own sizable audience that shouldn’t be ignored. They need to be acknowledged so this time, we’ll discuss How to Live Stream From OBS to Multiple Platforms at Once.

It’s important to learn How to Live Stream From OBS to Multiple Platforms at Once even if you’re focused on just one or two platforms. By streaming to those other platforms, you can entice or encourage viewers to your main channels or if your primary monetization isn’t through those channels, for example going through Patreon, or Paypal, people on the other platforms can still participate.

Livestreaming to multiple platforms will also save time having to upload those streams later. The audience will also highly appreciate being in the loop and being able to participate in real-time through chat channels like Discord. Livestreaming to as many as 8 social media platforms at once is possible through an easy-to-use broadcast software called OBS and sending that stream through

Before we go further, what is OBS? For those who don’t know, OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. A powerful open-source streaming tool that can be used to record and stream live video. It’s easy to use and has plenty of features. Partnered with, OBS can be used to multistream to as many as 30 social media platforms and up to 8 platforms at once – platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook Live. Without further ado, let’s learn How to Live Stream From OBS to Multiple Platforms at Once.

Step 1: Create and Setup your Restream Account

First, create a Restream account. Account creation is free for up to two channels at once. The popular package is $19 a month which allows streamers to stream to up to 5 channels, while the $49 professional package allows for streaming to up to 8 channels simultaneously. After signing up, log into the account.

restream obs

Once in, choose the channels to which you want to livestream. You need to have an account on those platforms as well. Upon choosing the channels, you will be prompted to log into them.

Step 2: Open OBS Studio and Connect Restream

Open OBS Studio. If you don’t have OBS Studio, it’s your lucky day because this powerful program is open-source and is free. Your system should be up to the task though. At the minimum, you should have a 2nd generation Intel i5 processor or AMD FX, 4GB of RAM, and a DirectX 10 capable system, but higher is always better, not to mention plenty of storage. Working with video is always demanding. OBS is also multi-platform so whether you’re a Windows, macOS, or Linux user, you’re okay.

OBS and Restream can work in conjunction, so upon running OBS Studio, connect your Restream account within OBS by clicking on ‘Settings’ > ‘Stream’ > ‘Services’. There is a list of streaming services that OBS can work with. In this case, choose Click on Connect Account and log into Restream.

obs multistream

Once connected, click on ‘Docks’ > ‘Restream Channels’, and enable the social media channels you want to stream to. You can select the channels you want to stream to by toggling on switches.

stream to multiple platforms obs

Chatting of course is part of the streaming experience. Clicking on ‘Docks’ > ‘Chat’ opens the chatbox and all the comments from the social media channels will appear in one thread on the chatbox and you can reply from there.

Step 3: Create a Scene in OBS Studio

Next is creating a scene in OBS Studio. First, on the Sources box on the lower portion of the screen, click on the + sign and select ‘Video Capture Device’. For now, select your Webcam and click Ok. A box representing the video from the webcam will appear. You can then move and resize the box on the studio screen according to your preference.

obs multiple streams

Let’s say, you’re streaming a game. Run the game first and add the game screen into OBS. It goes without saying that AAA games will require a very good system despite OBS’s lower requirements. To stream gameplay, go to ‘Sources’, click on the + icon and click ‘Game Capture’. The Create/Select Source screen will appear. Name the screen and click Ok. The Properties for game capture will appear. Choose a Specific Window for the mode and select the game’s window. Then click Ok. The game window can then be resized and placed wherever on the studio screen.

stream on multiple platforms obs

Again, on the Sources box, by clicking on the + icon, you can add image and text overlays to personalize your stream with a title, or your brand’s logo. Several images can be overlayed including your own personal screen bezel along with a logo. They can also be resized and placed wherever you want on the studio screen.

Step 4: Start Livestreaming to Multiple Platforms

Lastly, once all the preparations are done, you can start streaming by clicking on ‘Start Streaming’ in the Controls box. Once clicked, you will instantly go live on every social media platform added on Restream. To check, open your browser and visit all the social media channels you’re a member of, and you will see your broadcast.

using restream with obs


Now you know How to Live Stream From OBS to Multiple Platforms at Once. This can be done completely free if you chose the Restream basic package with two simultaneous channels which is usually enough for many gaming streamers whose popular venues are YouTube and Twitch. It’s really awesome that OBS itself is free and quite powerful.

However, the free Restream Basic package will have the Restream branding or watermark and have only two participants which can be limiting. Streamers who want more can avail of the inexpensive and popular $19/month Standard package which would be perfect for their needs as it can stream on up to 5 channels, with no streaming limits and no Restream watermark.