7 Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Android

teamviewer alternatives android

Nowadays, there are so many android apps available on the Google Play Store which enables the user to remotely control the other devices. Out of all these apps, TeamViewer seems to be the best one for remote control. Teamviewer allows the user to remotely access another computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere that has internet. TeamViewer provides connectivity services for both home and business users.

Although TeamViewer is one of the biggest platforms in the remote access software market and despite all of the functionalities, it is far from the only solution. There are so many TeamViewer alternatives available in the market. In this article, I am going to tell you about the best TeamViewer Alternatives For Android. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

Best Alternative to TeamViewer for Android

① Chrome Remote Desktop

teamviewer alternative android

Chrome Remote Desktop is extremely easy and simple to use. You just need to open Google Chrome on the computer to which you want to access the remote device. After that, you’ll instantly be allowed to start monitoring and controlling devices remotely. In order to use it on a desktop, you need to install Chrome on that device and it will work perfectly with the browser extension. If you want to use it on Android devices, you can download this app that has the same functionality as the desktop browser extension.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

② Splashtop

TeamViewer alternative Android

If you’ve been looking for flexibility in payment plans, there’s a good reason to consider Splashtop, a remote access solution that provides paid and free remote desktop solutions. This tool is supported by most of the operating systems such as macOS X, Linux, and Windows, as well as Android and iOS. Users concerned about security will be relieved to know that Splashtop provides numerous levels of data encryption. Latency is quite low on this software, making it a good choice for teams that do a lot of audio or video streaming. The ease with which it could be used to remotely control your smartphone is one of the strengths of this tool.

Download Splashtop Personal – Remote Desktop

③ Mikogo

android teamviewer alternative

Mikogo is a good alternative to TeamViewer. You can directly access it from major operating systems, whether it’s on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. By using HTML viewer, teams of up to 25 users can access the computer at once, and admin permissions can be exchanged quickly and efficiently. Mikogo also includes all the standard things you would expect from the online meeting software such as text conversation, whiteboard functionality, recording tool, etc.

Download Mikogo

④ Join.me

TeamViewer alternative Android

Join me is as simple as it is when it comes to setting up meetings. Its major selling point is a one-click meeting schedule, which emerges with a recording tool. People from virtually anywhere on earth can be linked to each other at exactly the same time, but there is no ceiling on the number of voice calls you can make. The price is reasonable as well as the service is free for basic voice-over IP, and the monthly fee is $19 for business users. The business package includes premium meetings and innovative management.

Download join.me – Simple Meetings

⑤ AnyDesk Remote Desktop

TeamViewer alternative Android

AnyDesk Remote Control is among the finest and lightest remote access apps you could use on your Android device. This Remote Access Tool enables you to access all your Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or even iOS devices. In order to use AnyDesk Remote Control, you have to install this app on both devices. After launching it, you will enter the AnyDesk ID which will be displayed on the remote side to start a remote session. AnyDesk is free to use, and its resources are extremely light.

Download AnyDesk Remote Control

⑥ PC Remote

teamviewer alternative for android

PC Remote is designed for those who are looking for a free and simple Android app to control their Device either on WiFi or BlueTooth. This app operates just like any other remote access app, and it’s particularly built to run Android PC games. Besides that, PC Remote allows you to access your Computer screen and camera to your phone, upload files between devices, and much more.

Download PC Remote

⑦ LogMeIn

teamviewer alternative for android

LogMeIn Pro is a remote access software and its objective is to optimize the allocation and availability of resources without sacrificing the security of your business data. The tool integrates with 1TB of storage on the servers of LogMeIn, where all the files and applications that your team needs to access will be saved and centrally controlled. You can often remotely print files to local printers, streamline regularly scheduled IT tasks, and conveniently share ideas on specific files, as well as a bunch of other impressive features.

Download LogMeIn