How to Send and Receive Text Messages via Bluetooth

In recent years, devices have managed to connect to each other and exchange data in various ways. There are radio waves, wired connections, infrared, cellular signals, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. With cellular connections, phones can communicate and send text and voice signals. With those same signals, phones can connect to the internet and communicate through messaging services. This time, we discuss How to Send and Receive Text Messages via Bluetooth in case cellular signals aren’t available.

It’s not unlikely people would find themselves in dead zones. Areas totally void of cellular signals. It could get worse. It could be an emergency. The phone’s emergency service number won’t be of help in such a situation. The best one can hope for is sending smoke signals. There’s also two-way radio but they’re not as ubiquitous as phones are and unlikely to be carried by the casual traveler. But what if we told you How to Send and Receive Text Messages via Bluetooth?

Is that even possible? Yes. Is it viable? That depends. The typical range of Bluetooth devices is 30 feet or 10 meters. The latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5, has a maximum range of 1000 feet. And in a few more years could go further. It’s a stretch, but every little bit helps in case of emergencies. So, knowing How to Send and Receive Text Messages via Bluetooth could be a big help down the line. Let’s begin.

Bluetooth Range

First, let’s see how far Bluetooth can go unobstructed. Unfortunately, Bluetooth signals are affected when there are multiple obstructions.

Bluetooth Version 1.1 2.1 3.0 4.0 5.0
Range 10m   10m 10m 50m 200m
Transmission Rate 723.1kbps 2.1Mbps 24Mbps 25Mbps 50Mbps

This means that the newer the device and the newer the integrated Bluetooth equipped, the better the chance of communication with another device. Also, the other device should also have the same or better Bluetooth version to be in reach.

Method 1: Texting via Bluetooth without App

Let’s assume, two people are in a dead zone, or a place equipped with cellular signal jammers but are close enough to message each other via Bluetooth. Or maybe even a disaster area with cellular service became unavailable. This method assumes that Bluetooth is activated on both the originator and any target phone. This method will also be done without the help of specialized apps.

The sender can open any notepad app and type in his/her message. Select the entire message. The selection context menu will appear – Cut, Copy, Paste, More. Select More and chances are, there is a Share option. Click on Share and select Bluetooth as the option.

text via bluetooth

Bluetooth will display all the devices available in the vicinity. Select the name of the receiving device. On the receiving device, the receiver has to choose Accept. The receiver can then check on the received message through a notification. On Android, the message could be sent as an HTML file, and despite having no internet, the built-in browser should be able to display the message. The recipient can take note of the sender’s name and communicate the same way.

texting via bluetooth

That is How to Send and Receive Text Messages via Bluetooth without the use of specialized apps. It’s a clunky procedure but something to consider for people who think on their feet when in an emergency situation.

Method 2: Text Messaging via Bluetooth with Bridgefy App

Of course, there’s an app designed to take advantage of this situation. It is a valid and likely situation, and some may have reasons for communicating through Bluetooth and not through cellular. In this case, we will use the Bridgefy – Offline Messages app.

Download and set up Bridgefy. The initial setup will still require an internet connection though. Once set up, the phone can even operate on Airplane mode as long as Bluetooth is active. The recipient should also be a Bridgefy user for this to work. The sender can open the Bridgefy app and tap on Broadcast to send messages to nearby users.

bluetooth texting android

Bridgefy – Offline Messages allows communication with other users even if they’re not in a contact list. The app is completely free but will display pre-loaded ads. It has a range of 100m or 330 feet or depending on the Bluetooth version. It’s a good app to have when thinking of traveling, going to stadiums, in functions where cellular signals are forbidden, places where cellular is unavailable, or in disaster situations where cellular services are knocked out. Bridgefy can be handy in communities where cellular signals are intermittent to zero or a disaster event is highly likely.

Best Alternatives to Bridgefy

Bridgefy is not alone as there is clearly a need to allow for communication when the internet and cellular data are offline. There are other similar apps available in case Bridgefy fails to meet expectations.

Briar – is a similar messaging app but is not limited to Bluetooth. It’s a secure chat app with end-to-end encryption. It can also use local Wi-Fi even if the network itself isn’t connected to the internet. It’s also open-source and completely free.

Glodanif Bluetooth Chat – is also like Bridgefy, which exclusively uses Bluetooth. But instead of blindly broadcasting, allows users to set up profiles and scan other devices for pairing.

GChat – is a powerful chat app that also exclusively uses Bluetooth. It allows for the sending of text, emojis as well as images, and voice. Quite useful between friends and neighbors to communicate without having to pay a dime for data.

Apptronix Bluetooth Chat Messenger – is similar to Glodanif Bluetooth Chat. It can work to a distance of up to 50 meters depending on the environment. However, it’s limited to text messages.


So now you know How to Send and Receive Text Messages via Bluetooth through Bridgefy and other apps. Share this article and spread awareness that it’s possible to communicate with phone data and internet turned off to save money, and most importantly that it’s possible to communicate during emergencies and natural disasters when cellular data or internet are not available.