8 Best The Trove Alternatives

The Trove Alternatives

The Trove was a bookworm’s dream. The Trove was a website that provided free eBooks to any and all internet surfers, and bookworms used it as one of their sources to acquire new selections to read and enjoy. Despite its importance to the E-Bookworm community, The Trove closed and became unavailable to the public, cutting off a source of literature to the masses.

However, there are still different alternatives to The Trove to acquire new E-books. Here is a list of 8 note-worthy alternatives to The Trove that you can check out to find your next read.

List of 8 Best The Trove Alternatives

Considering the current prices of publications, fiction, or non-fiction, it’s not hard to rationalize why many resorts to visiting sites like The Trove. It’s a chicken and egg thing as content creators try to recoup sales due to the availability of said content on the high seas while consumers lament those rising prices and sail those seas. But there is actually free content out there. Millions of publications in the public domain as well as books and web novels are actually shared by budding writers. We acknowledge the nature of The Trove and will include similar The Trove Alternatives. In 2022, and onwards, it remains crucial to be informed.

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenburg stands as one of the oldest public libraries available on the internet, making it a staple favorite for both casual readers and bookworms alike. As of 2022, Project Gutenberg boasts over 60,000 free eBooks. You can expect to find namesake authors and copies of classic literature on this site.

The goal of Project Gutenberg is to archive important cultural works, which are accomplishments of literature. Besides the free ebooks on the site, users can also access millions of other books that can be paid for per use.

Project Gutenberg

2. Archive.Org

Similar to Project Gutenburg, Archive.Org offers millions of free, downloadable books for the public to access. What’s unique about Archive.Org is that it also features other forms of text and media, which are not limited to eBooks or classic literature. It also features selections of TV shows, magazines, games, and even software.

You can choose to simply access the content you want to read on-site or download it to your device for offline reading.


3. Bookbub

Unlike Archive.Org or Project Gutenberg, Bookbub takes a different approach in making eBooks and literature available to the public. The content on Bookbub is provided by different online bookstores and authors. This makes way for much more unique and unknown content to become accessible.

On Bookbub, authors can choose to publish their works for free or at discounted prices. Free books are shared with users as limited-time offers and can be downloaded on different devices such as Kindles, iPads, or Androids. If you want to discover new and even exclusive releases, consider using Bookbub to expand your e-library.


4. Librivox

As another alternative to accessing public domain content, LibriVox features free content for audiobooks. Audiobooks are essentially voice-recorded readings of a certain text. If you’re more of an avid listener than a reader, LibriVox is the right platform for you to get your fix for literature and knowledge.

You can choose to become a volunteer and make audiobooks for the site, or you can browse through LibriVox’s collection of audiobooks to listen to. They feature a library of over 150,000 stories, all of which you can listen to on your laptop or handheld devices.


5. Z-Lib.org

Z-Lib.org, otherwise known as Z-Library, is one of the most popular alternatives to The Trove. It features over 10 million books that are all free to access, ranging from classic literature to contemporary and modern stories. Z-Library also has over 80 million articles on different topics.

Z-Lib.org is run by volunteers, so it’s updated on a regular basis. Just like The Trove, Z-Library remains as one of the most beloved free to use sites to access books.


The Trove Alternatives for Gaming

Besides being used to access books and all kinds of text, The Trove is used to access archived materials related to gaming. For fanatics of games such as Dungeons & Dragons, and other similar role-playing games (RPGs), The Trove was a source for obtaining all kinds of gaming-related material that aren’t common nor commercially available. For both young and old lovers of retro games, there are other websites that you can check out for your fix on your favorite games.

6. RPGGeek.com

RPGGeek.com, otherwise known as RPGG is your one-stop shop for getting information about your favorite tabletop games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, and other role-playing board games. It features various forums that contain information on both famous and niche games. RPGG remains one of, if not the most, popular open-source platforms for tabletop RPG games, which makes it a great and popular alternative to The Trove.


7. EnWorld

EnWorld is another website that features all kinds of informative articles and forums on everything RPG. The content on EnWorld is mostly catered towards players of Dungeons & Dragons, but there are also various types of content for other RPG games. There are different pages to browse from depending on what kind of information you’re looking for, making it a good alternative to The Trove.



The third and final alternative to The Trove for RPG gamers is called RPGBOT. This is a website that mostly features Dungeons & Dragons content as well. It’s a simple and straightforward site that provides both beginner and expert information on how to play certain games. The one downside to RPGBOT is its lack of downloadable materials, but all of the content on the website is completely free to read and access.



The Trove may be gone, but there are a great number of sources that continue to make knowledge accessible to the public. Check out all of these sites and start reading and learning more today!