8 Best The Trove Alternatives

The Trove Alternatives

E-Bookworms continue to lament the loss of The Trove. A website for free eBooks and eBooks acquired and shared through extra-legal means. It was fun while it lasted. Legal or not, the site provided plenty of information and escapism to millions of fans. There are clone sites of The Trove but they’re just shadows of its former self. Among those sites though, there are a few noteworthy The Trove Alternatives in 2022 that e-bookworms can check out.

List of 8 Best The Trove Alternatives

Considering the current prices of publications, fiction, or non-fiction, it’s not hard to rationalize why many resorts to visiting sites like The Trove. It’s a chicken and egg thing as content creators try to recoup sales due to the availability of said content on the high seas while consumers lament those rising prices and sail those seas. But there is actually free content out there. Millions of publications in the public domain as well as books and web novels are actually shared by budding writers. We acknowledge the nature of The Trove and will include similar The Trove Alternatives. In 2022, and onwards, it remains crucial to be informed.

1. Project Gutenberg

Bookworms, casual or hardcore would have heard about this. The main goal of this project is to digitize and archive cultural works. It’s basically the oldest public digital library predating the internet. Its contents are those belonging to the public domain. It already has over 60,000 free eBooks available, mostly classic works by famous authors from all over the world. Project Gutenberg also allows people to upload digitized books, not in its library. Aside from the freely downloadable ebooks in popular formats, there are basically millions of books available on the site, many as pay-per-use.

Project Gutenberg

2. Archive.Org

Like Project Gutenberg, Archive.Org also known as The Internet Archive is in the business of preserving content including and not limited to software, games, music, TV shows, magazines, and eBooks. Readers won’t be at a loss for stuff to read here as it has a collection of over 2.3 million eBooks from all over the world. The content can be downloaded or viewed on-site. The site is affiliated with The Open Library which is more dedicated to eBooks.


3. Bookbub

Bookbub is more of an aggregate website for various online bookstores but also offers a trove of free eBooks mostly from budding authors. The thing about authors and books, plenty of rejected works by publishers become unexpected hits. Bookbub allows authors to publish their eBooks for free so it’s a library of hits or misses depending on taste. But for published authors, it’s a useful website for aggregating potential pull lists from various sources depending on the user’s preferences. Users are alerted on new titles and good deals for their favorite types of books or from their favorite authors. For those looking for paid work for free, this is not the place, unless the site has a promotion.


4. Librivox

As mentioned before, there is a wealth of books in the public domain. Perhaps enough to satisfy any ardent book reader who likes a dose of history in their literature. This time, these books are brought into the new millennium and digitized into eBooks, and translated into audiobooks through the efforts of many volunteers. If you’re looking for the New York Times’ latest bestseller, you’re out of luck, but if you’re looking for classics in audiobook form to listen on your laptop, phone, or tablet, consider Librivox as one of The Trove Alternatives in 2022. Librivox has a library of over 150,000 audiobooks. The website looks simple, clean, and easy to use. Nothing too flashy.


5. Z-Lib.org

Z-Lib has the most potential to be the best among The Trove Alternatives in 2022. It’s closest to The Trove in terms of content. With a clean, simple to use interface, over 10 million books, old and new as well as 80 million articles on various subjects. Z-Lib is run and maintained by volunteers for the Free Software Foundation.


The Trove Alternatives for Gaming

But The Trove is not just known for books. It’s popular among tabletop board and RPG players as a repository for out-of-print materials about tabletop RPGs, particularly Dungeons and Dragons. There were troves of materials about Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and Robotech during the 80s and 90s, and of course, that stuff would be out of print. Now a new generation of tabletop gamers as well as old ones want those materials thanks to shows that promoted such fancies like The Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things. With the resurgence in popularity, the site may have been put in the spotlight for hosting materials without the creator’s consent. The following are alternatives for the crowd who see The Trove as a gaming resource.

6. RPGGeek.com

RPGGeek.com or RPGG is a very busy geeks-only website containing information on various RPGs both tabletop and digital. It has tons of information about RPGs such as dungeons and dragons and other fantasy derivatives – so much that it’s intimidating or overwhelming. It’s manageable if you know what you’re looking for. When it comes to tabletop RPG gaming materials, RPGG can be considered one of the top The Trove Alternatives in 2022.


7. EnWorld

EnWorld is a similar site to RPGGeek and seems more centered on D&D and is not as saturated with other games. The feed is full of news though about related content. For those looking for the aforementioned materials, the downloads section yields a treasure trove if you know the proper search terms.



For those dedicated to D&D, there’s RPGBOT where users can get plenty of D&D tools and materials. The site is more focused on Dungeons and Dragons as well as the Pathfinder RPG but is rather short of downloadable materials. As for further materials and references, there’s roll20.net and adventurelookup.com though their stuff is hardly free.



In conclusion, these sites fill the void that The Trove left when it comes to eBooks and tabletop gaming. For free resources though, Z-lib and RPGGeek can be considered the best in this list of The Trove Alternatives in 2022.