10 Best Tools to Track Exact Location of an IP Address

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It is probably safe to say that, at some point, most computer users would like to know where the website is located or to trace the location of an individual IP address to a region or country. There are several explanations for this, and it may be simply because you are curious about the roots of a specific business or service before you decide to use it. If you are a webmaster, it is very helpful to know the patterns of what people are doing on your website and where they come from, and the IP address of users helps to do this.

List of 10 Best IP Address Trackers

Since an IP address is assigned to each user on the Internet, it is not that difficult to figure out where the address is currently coming from as long as you know how to get hold of that detail. Many services may trace a specific IP address and even pin it down to the city in which it is actually being used, as well as tell the service provider and other information about where it comes from. In this post, we’ll share some of the best websites to help you locate an IP address’s exact location.

1. InfoSniper

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InfoSniper has a variety of snippets of data in the IP address location page. This includes the option of Google Maps, Microsoft Maps, or Yahoo Maps to show the location. You can also get country, state/county, latitude/longitude, hostname, provider, and other things like area or postal codes. InfoSniper gets down to the accuracy of the location of your town or city, not just where your ISP is located, and there are some informative links to Wikipedia to find out more about where the address comes from.

2. iplocation.net

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If you are looking for a quick and easy website to locate an IP address, you need to try IPLocation.net. The site will inform you about Geographic location, ISP, Proxy, Network, Browser, User-Agent information, etc. It also says whether or not the user has allowed the cookie and JavaScript.

3. Geobytes IP Address Locator

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In Geobytes, there is a lot of interesting information, but it can not trace the location’s IP address down to the level of the town in which it is located, only as far as the ISP’s location is concerned. You do get a Google map, but it would have little utility when referring to another part of the world where the address is actually located. There is also a flag, time zone, country population, currency used, singular/plural nationality, and a very interesting CIA map reference. It will even inform you whether or not it thinks the address is a proxy.

4. WhatIsMyIP.com

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You may decide the geolocation of any IP address with Whatismyip.com. The search results show you the city, state/region, postal / zip code, country name, ISP, and time zone. However, due to several different factors, no IP search tool is 100 % accurate. So, I suggest that you cross-check the IP Lookup results with the various websites mentioned in the post.

5. IP2Location

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You will get a limit of 20 free queries per day for unregistered users, up to 200 if you sign up for a free account. The information collected is not that detailed but will give you basics such as country, service provider, network speed, potential area codes, and carrier codes. There are also weather stations and city/town information, but these are for the ISP location and not your own. A useful feature is the Share Results option, which gives you a nice image (screenshot below) of the basic information, as well as the code location of the HTML snippets to be added to your own website.

6. Keycdn Tools

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If you are looking for a web-based tool to collect data about the IP address, tools.keycdn.com might be the best option for you. This tool informs you of your IP address, hostname, provider, ASN, country, continent, coordinates, etc. The site also facilitates the geolocation of IPv6. All you need to do is enter a valid IP address in order to perform an IP lookup.

7. IP Tracker’s IP Lookup Tool

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This Lookup Tool will give you a lot of information about the IP address and the country where it is located, including the city and state of the actual address and not the ISP. You also get three separate sets of latitude/longitude coordinates for the area, country, and even continent, spoken languages, IP address link speed, local currency, and phone IDD code. There is also a Google map with the home location on it, and a blacklist search would look to see if the IP is recognized for suspicious or spamming activities.

8. ipfingerprints.com

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If you are looking for a simple way to use the website to find the approximate geographical location of the IP address, you need to try Ipfingerprints.com. It’s one of the best sites to search for reverse IP. It provides important information on IP addresses such as ISP, TimeZone, Area Code, State, etc.

9. IPAddress.com

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IP Tracer from ip-address.com will be able to get down to the city or town where the IP address is coming from and send you longitude and latitude coordinates and a Google positioning map. You also get an ISP, organization, and host address with links to conduct who-is, reverse IP, and track searches. Tracing your own IP will also provide proxy information, o / s, browser, and a speed test connection.

10. DNSChecker.org

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It’s simply a DNS search service that’s mainly used to scan domain name server information. It also has an IP search function that provides information on the location of every IP address entered. It also displays the location on the interactive live map.