10 Best Tools to Track Exact Location of an IP Address

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With how easy it is to access information on the internet, it is completely possible to locate or trace the location of someone’s IP address, which is linked to their used devices. Some people may want to do this to find out information about a business or service, as a means to safeguard their purchases. Regardless of what reason it may be for, there are IP address tracking tools that can be used by anyone tech-savvy enough.

List of 10 Best IP Address Trackers

Each and every person who uses the internet frequently has an IP address linked to them. IP addresses are commonly collected as a means to locate where users are from, and these are used by different service providers and businesses for their own person statistics. In this post, we’ll talk about the best IP address trackers that are available to use online. Using at least one of these platforms will help you locate an IP address’s exact location, wherever it may be.

1. InfoSniper

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InfoSniper has information that can be displayed on the platform. It includes various snippets of data that you can use to locate IP addresses. You can access geolocation platforms like Google Maps, Microsoft Maps, or Yahoo Maps to show the specific location of the IP address. You can also get country, state/county, latitude/longitude, hostname, provider, and other things like area or postal codes. InfoSniper is a website that displays comprehensive information about the IP address you’ve chosen. 

2. iplocation.net

IPLocation.net is a straightforward IP address tracker app. This platform displays an IP address’s information, such as their geographic location, ISP, Proxy, Network, Browser, and User-Agent information among others. It can also display whether or not the user from this IP address uses JavaScript. 

3. Geobytes IP Address Locator

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Geobytes is an IP address tracker that features all kinds of information related to the IP address, however, it cannot accurately and specifically locate the address’s location. In Geobytes, you can access a Google map together with information such as the country, time zone, and even if the address is a proxy or not.

4. WhatIsMyIP.com

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Whatismyip.com is a website that can help you access the geolocation of any IP address. The downside with this platform, as well as other similar IP address search tools, is that it is not fully accurate. To verify the information you get, you can crosscheck with other IP address checkers in this list.

5. IP2Location

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IP2Location is a paid IP address checker, but it allows you to check the locations of 20 different IP addresses per day for unregistered accounts, and 200 if you register for a free account. You can access information such as the country, service provider, network speed, potential area codes, and carrier codes of the IP addresses you want to check. One unique feature is that you can share the results of the IP tracker with the information you obtained, as well as HTML snippets that you can add to websites. 

6. Keycdn Tools

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Keycdn Tools is a platform that can be accessed via your web browser. It displays information such as the IP address’s hostname, provider, ASN, country, continent, coordinates, and others. Unlike other IP trackers, it also facilitates the geolocation of IPv6. All you need to do is enter a valid IP address in order to perform an IP lookup.

7. IP Tracker’s IP Lookup Tool

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This IP address tracker provides details about the address’s exact location, and not its ISP. This information includes the city and state of the IP address, as well as different sets of latitude and longitude coordinates. It also includes other details such as the IP address link speed, and phone IDD code. Unlike other trackers, it features a blacklist search where you can check if the address is recognized for suspicious or spam activity.

8. ipfingerprints.com

trace an ipAnother simple alternative to IP address trackers is  Ipfingerprints.com. It displays important information about the address such as its ISP, TimeZone, Area Code, State, and others. It also shows the general, approximate geographical location. 

9. IPAddress.com

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IP Tracer is a platform that can show an IP address’s location with longitude and latitude coordinates, and a Google Map where the location is pinned. Along with these details, you will also obtain the address’s  ISP, organization, and host address with links to conduct who-is, reverse IP, and track searches. Tracing your own IP will also provide proxy information, o / s, browser, and a speed test connection.

10. DNSChecker.org

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The final IP tracker platform on our list is DNSChecker.org. From its name, it’s simply a DNS search service where you can preview the domain name server information of whatever IP address you want to check. You can also view its geographical location, as well as where it is located on an online map.