Turn a Physical Book into an Audiobook on Android

how to turn physical book into audiobook

Reading is a fun hobby that everyone should engage in. It’s not only informative and educational but it exercises one’s imagination especially if the books are works of fiction. Books can take people with good imaginations to places better than movies or TV shows can. But there are times when books can get tedious to read or enjoy. Age for instance can take a toll on the eyes, potentially able to take away this fun hobby. If the eyes aren’t available, the ears can take their place through audiobooks. It’s possible to convert a book to an audiobook on Android. This time let’s discuss How to Turn a Physical Book Into an Audiobook on Android.

How to Turn a Book into an Audiobook on Android

It would be nice to be able to listen to books instead of reading them. Because there are just some things that get in the way of reading. Things that happen to be quite natural. As mentioned, aging can take a toll on the eyes. The amount of reading time gets shorter before eye strain sets in. Being able to turn book into audiobook for free, and then listen to it can minimize the strain on the eyes. There’s also the lack of time, thanks to busy schedules and work. One can hardly sit down and spend time reading a book. But one can listen to a book while driving or listen to it during repetitive and mundane tasks that don’t require full concentration. Being able to convert book to audiobook on Android will make those possible. Here are the steps:

 First thing’s first, the book has to be in digital format, meaning the book’s content needs to be scanned. To do that, in Android, go to the Google Play Store and download vFlat Scan by developer Voyager X or any Android OCR scanner of your choice that effectively turns scanned pages into text. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be using vFlat Scan. It’s completely free.

② Once downloaded, launch the app and grant permission to the camera and storage. Feel free to view the first-start tutorial on how to use the app. You can then begin your convert textbook to audiobook journey and start scanning the pages of your choice book by properly aiming your camera on your book page and tapping the scan button.

 vFlat has a great feature of automatically detecting the page borders and conveniently crops the page image. It can also detect slight page curves and compensates as well as erases images of fingers captured while holding onto pages for scanning. Overall, you’ll get the same scan results as you would get from a professional scanning machine. There is also a two-page scanning mode so you can scan two pages at the same time and save on scanning time in the process.

Scan a book to audio

Scan as many pages as you’d like. You don’t have to scan all the pages of a thousand-page novel all at once. You may scan the book by chapter or a certain number of pages your time can handle.

 Once scanned, tap on the library button. You can see all the scanned photos in the library. Select all the images you scanned and tap on the More option. Select the Create TXT option which will transform the text on the images into text files. Type in the file name where the scanned text will be saved, then click Ok. The app will then begin the process of converting the selected images into a single text file.

turn a book into an audiobook

The app will then display the scanned images as text for preview. Assuming the conversion process was successful, click on the create TXT button. Congratulations, you have basically converted the paper book to a digital book on Android.

 Once we have the TXT file, we’ll need a voice reader app that will read the text to you. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll use the Evie book reader app by developer Alfred Faltiska to make an audiobook. Download and install the Evie app from the Google Play Store.

 Launch Evie and tap on the Library icon and open the TXT file we just created. Once the file is opened, just tap on the Play button to start playing the audio. By default, Evie will read in a male voice. Feel free to change the voice in the settings. You can also change the speech speed, enabling pausing between sentences and the length of time between sentences along with other settings. There are plenty of voices to choose from so you’ll be able to enjoy your ebook as if read aloud by someone you like.

convert books into audio

Both vFlat and the Evie app are thankfully very easy to use and are fully functional in their free form. Aside from your converted text files, Evie can read other eBook formats such as PDF and EPUB. Quite useful if you have other scanned documents and existing ebooks.

When you convert textbook to audiobook, you can expect a lot of time to be spent. One piece of advice is to have someone convert your entire library to text using your phone or another device and have the converted files transferred to your phone or tablet.

Now that you know how to convert book to audiobook on Android, you can have a field day converting your entire library of paperbacks and hard bounds into digital copies. All the books you haven’t had time for, you can now listen to while driving, working out, gardening, or doing other chores. Your eyes are also spared from too much eye strain from reading normal books or ebooks on your phone. If you’re satisfied with how Evie reads your books, and are having eye problems, it’s recommended that you now switch to this method of reading books.

We hope you learned plenty with this tutorial on How to Turn a Physical Book Into an Audiobook on Android. Spare your eyes and maximize your free time. Convert book to audiobook on Android and enjoy.