Turn Off Auto Correct in WhatsApp for Android

how to turn off auto correct in whatsapp

When typing texts on WhatsApp, your spelling is checked automatically, and when the system thinks a word is misspelled it is corrected. The auto-correction feature can be useful at times. But, it’s not a foolproof feature and can sometimes annoy you by correcting words that you even didn’t want it to – especially when you’re attempting to type a text message in shorthand words or abbreviated terms. It results in many humorous and disastrous exchanges while texting. This post will show you how to prevent WhatsApp from predicting and correcting your words automatically.

Auto-correction is not a feature of WhatsApp itself, it’s your keyboard app which is responsible for that. You can disable your Android keyboard’s auto-correct feature to prevent typing mistakes from being corrected in WhatsApp.

Please keep in mind that each keyboard has its own settings. I am using Google’s Gboard keyboard. The steps described below may slightly vary for you. However, once you have the concept you can do it on your own.

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Disable Auto-correct in WhatsApp

  Long-press the comma character (,) on the keyboard, then select the gear icon that pops up. It will directly land you to the keyboard settings page. Alternatively, you can also head to phone ‘Settings’ ⇨ ‘Language & input’ and select the keyboard you’re using to open the same page.

Open Keyboard settings

In here, simply touch the ‘Text correction’ option.

disable text autocorrect

Turn the toggle off next to ‘Auto-correction’.

disable autocorrect in android

Once you’ve turned the feature off, WhatsApp will no longer automatically correct your typing.