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How to Turn off Ring Doorbell without App

How to Turn off Ring Doorbell without AppNowadays, everyone is concerned about staying safe. To ensure safety, especially in our houses, many people are investing in accessories. One of the numerous dependable devices that may provide homeowners with a sense of security and safety is a smart video doorbell.

The multifunctional Ring camera doorbell is a security tool that can record high-quality videos, identify motion, and enable two-way communication. Any smart house can incorporate it with ease. Most consumers prefer this over others because it is more equipped with several advanced features that others do not have.

The Ring camera doorbell is easy to install, simple to navigate, and highly effective in performing its functionalities. The only drawback that almost all users complain about is how to turn off Ring camera without app.

In this article, we will address that complaint and provide you with procedures on how to turn Ring camera off without app whenever it is not needed to be turned on.

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How to Turn off Ring Doorbell without App

The main reason why users prefer to turn off the ring camera doorbell is that it will continue to store unnecessary files in its storage.

You may think that you can do it by simply turning the power off. However, that is not the case. Turning off the ring doorbell manually without an app takes time and a few steps. There are two methods of how to turn off ring camera without app and we’re discussing them down below.

Method 1: Turning Off Ring Doorbell without App Using an Installed Switch

This method will work if you have installed a switch that is connected to the ring camera. The switch should work similarly to a light switch installed in a wall panel. Electrical engineers are best recommended to get this installation job done. If you already have a switch connected to the doorbell, you can easily turn on and off the ring camera by pressing the switch button anytime you want.

Method 2: Turning Off Ring Doorbell without App Using Electrical Panel

This method will also work if you have a pre-installed electrical panel in your home. Again, electrical panels should be installed by properly skilled professionals such as electrical engineers. When you have an electrical panel in your house, you can quickly turn it off to turn the power of the ring camera down. If you need to only turn the ring doorbell, you can switch off the connected specific circuit in the electrical panel. However, you can also turn off the whole circuit if you wish to.

How to Turn off Ring Doorbell on the App

Now that we know how to turn off ring doorbell without app, let us explore how to turn off ring camera with the app. By using the ring camera doorbell app, turning it on and off is fair and easy. Through the mode options, users can temporarily disable the ring camera. Enable the “Disarmed” or “Home” mode setting to turn off the mode. The steps to take are as follows;

  1. Go to the Ring Camera app.
  2. Simply tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner to open the app menu.
  3. In the pop-up menu, select modes by pressing settings.
  4. To select defaults and activate it, tap “enable modes.”
  5. Select “Home” or “Disarmed” from the mode list selections.
  6. The camera you want to turn off should be selected.
  7. Go to the section that deals with motion detection and live review.
  8. To save and leave, click

How to Turn Off the Ring Doorbell While Charging

Even while charging, the ring camera doorbell can be switched off. Although the ring camera has a long battery life, it is not advisable to let it run out completely. You may also switch off the camera to save battery life while charging it more quickly. In this method, users are required to prepare a security screw, screwdriver, and micro USB charger. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Start by taking out the security screws located at the base of the ring camera. While leaving the base in place, remove the faceplate.
  2. Connect the USB charging cable to an electrical outlet. Insert the cable at the port of the Back of your Ring camera,
  3. To fully charge the battery, allow the charge to flow for 5 to 10 hours. When your battery is full, the Ring camera will be completely lit.
  4. Put the ring doorbell’s base back in place. Fix till a click is audible.
  5. Return the security screws on the base of the ring camera using a screwdriver.

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Now that you know how to switch off the ring camera both with and without the app, doing so shouldn’t be as difficult. Ring Cameras are the ideal tools for assisting homes in obtaining the security and safety they require. To properly handle these gadgets, it is helpful if you are familiar with how to use them. We sincerely hope that we were able to assist you.

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