How to upload files to OneDrive from PC

how to upload files to onedrive

Now the internet is in every hand. That was long ago when we used pen drives, CDs, or Floppy disks. It’s now time for cloud transfer. But do you know what Cloud transfer is? In simple words, Cloud transfer is transferring files over the internet without using physical drives. Microsoft has its own cloud sharing service. It is known as One Drive. It’s one of the best file hosting cloud services that are available across all platforms. Now that we know OneDrive, it’s time to understand how to upload files to OneDrive from PC. 

In this blog, to learn how to use One Drive, we will read about uploading files on OneDrive. Before we get into uploading files on OneDrive, let’s first read about which files you can upload on OneDrive.

Which files can you upload on One Drive?

You can upload any file type to OneDrive, which includes images, documents, and videos. You can also upload Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly to OneDrive.

Now that we know we can upload anything on One Drive let’s read about the uploading process. We will read about the two best ways to upload files on One Drive.

How to upload files to One Drive on pc?

The best way to upload files on OneDrive on pc is to use the official website of OneDrive. The steps that you have to follow are as follows.

● Go to the official website of One Drive. Here’s the link: Microsoft OneDrive Free Cloud Storage, Share Files & Photos.


how to use onedrive on pc● Here go to the upper right side and click on the sign-in. To access OneDrive, you need a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, you can create one quickly.

onedrive sign in

● Once you sign-in, all you need is to find a location to save your files. You can also create folders in OneDrive. 

save files to onedrive

● After deciding the location or creating a folder in OneDrive, click on the ‘Upload’ button. 

upload files to onedrive

● Then, select the File you want to upload.

how to upload files to onedrive from pc

That’s it. Yes, it is as simple as that to upload files on OneDrive. Now it’s time to look at the second method. It is even simpler than this.

How to upload files to OneDrive from Microsoft Office?

To upload files from Microsoft Office while using OneDrive, all you have to do is go to File and click on Save. In the save as option, click on OneDrive and then choose the folder to keep it.

upload files in onedrive office 365

Now that you know how to use OneDrive, do you know what the other platforms you can upload and access OneDrive files are?

One Drive is available across almost every platform that we use daily. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Devices. You can also use OneDrive on Windows by simply downloading the OneDrive application.


OneDrive is one of the best Cloud services. It is available across all the platforms, so you need not worry about cross-platform availability. And if you want more storage in OneDrive, you can also buy OneDrive premium memberships at affordable costs.