Use emoji using keyboard in Windows 10

type emoji in Windows 10

These days emoji have become the new standard of communication. Emoji is a simple way to quickly express emotions when writing a message. And while emoji is most popular among mobile users, you can also insert emoji with a hardware keyboard in your Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 offers three ways to access and input emoji. In this post, we’re detailing each of them.

1. Use Emoji in Windows 10 – Emoji Panel

Windows 10 has a hidden emoji panel. It is accessible by pressing a shortcut keyboard combination. Here’s how to open and use emoji panel in Windows 10.

Step 1:

First, open any program or app, that allows you to enter text. While mouse cursor is placed in the text area, press any of these two key combinations.

1.  ‘Win’ + ‘.’ (Windows key + period key)
2.  ‘Win’ + ‘;’ (Windows key + semi-colon key)

emoji panel windows 10

It will make the Emoji Panel appear.

Step 2:

You can now select and insert emoji you want from the Emoji Panel. you can also find an emoji by typing a word.

The panel also remembers your recently-used emojis and show them in the recent tab.

In the people emoji category, you can change the skin tone for emojis. For that, select the skin tone, and then click the emoji you want.

use emoji in windows 10, windows 10 enable emoji panel

The emoji panel stays open after you insert an emoji. But, if you left-click outside the panel, it will disappear.

2. Use Emoji in Windows 10 – Touch Keyboard

Touch keyboard in Windows 10 also has native support for emoji. In this case, the function is the same, as you type emoji using the keyboard in mobile devices.

1. Right-click on your Taskbar and select ‘Show touch keyboard button’.

emoji keyboard windows 10

2. You should see a keyboard icon at the bottom-right of your taskbar. Click on it.

3. You can now open the emoji keyboard by clicking the emoji button to the left of the space bar.

open emojis in windows 10, get emojis on a keyboard

Now, you’ll see the list of emojis and have the same experience as emoji panel.

windows emoji, open emojis in windows 10

3. Use Emoji in Windows 10 – Copy and Paste from the Web

Another great way to use emoji in Windows 10 is to copy and paste them from a website like Get Emoji.

get emoji on windows 10, use emoji in windows 10

Use any Windows 10 browser to browse emojis. Just select the emoji you would like to use, then copy and paste it into the text area of an app.

That’s it. Now you can easily use emoji using keyboard in Windows 10, and add some fun to your text messages.

Note: Some applications (Notepad, for instance) will show black and white emojis. But when they are seen on a different platform, these will show in color.