Use your mobile as Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

use mobile as mouse with remote mouse

Is it possible to use your mobile as wireless mouse & keyboard? Yes, it is possible, and it 100% works with any smartphone. It has the same feature as your laptop touch pad has. But it is far better than your laptop touch pad. Because it is wireless, so you can use it from any distance. And also, you can use your mobile as a remote of your PC using which you can easily turn off / sleep down your PC.

It is very simple. You have to install one app on your mobile and it’s server on your PC. The application is Remote Mouse.

 Download Remote Mouse app and Remote Mouse server

So, first install the application on your mobile and install the server on your PC. Now, you have to connect your mobile to the server. You can do it in two ways.

1. Connect your mobile and your PC to the same Wi-Fi router.
2. Connect your PC to your mobile hotspot.

It is recommended to use the first method, as the second method does not work always. Now, launch the application and the server on your mobile and your PC. Now, you need to open the application on your phone. It will show the devices on the same network. Just click on the name of your PC, and your mobile screen will be converted into a touchpad. Bottom of this touchpad you will find a keyboard option. Click on it to use your mobile as a wireless keyboard. You will find others useful options there.

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