Stream Videos and Music Over Local Network Using VLC

vlc network stream

VLC is considered the one video player for all platforms, capable of playing the majority of video formats. Aside from that VLC is also capable of other things such as conversion to other formats and network streaming. This feature can stream music and videos over a local network. The process is a bit lengthy but no worries. We’ll discuss how to stream videos and music over a local network using VLC. So you can enjoy music and watch certain videos anywhere in your home, watch on a bigger screen, or share your videos with family or colleagues.

There are two methods to add a network stream to VLC, which we will be discussing – streaming from your PC to other devices, and from Android to PC. Feel free to choose the one that’s right for you.

Method 1: Stream from Computer to Other Devices

Before we begin anything, ensure that all devices involved are connected to the same WiFi network. If you don’t have WiFi, create a mobile hotspot with your phone and connect to that hotspot.

Configure VLC on Host Computer

● To begin broadcasting the network stream from your computer, click on the Media menu on VLC and select Stream.

vlc network stream

● An Open Media screen will appear. Add the media file you want to stream over the network by clicking on the Add button. After selecting the file, click on the Stream button.

vlc stream network

● The next screen will be the Destination Setup. Select HTTP, so other devices can connect to your PC and watch the stream over the HTTP protocol. Activate the Display Locally option so that the stream will also play on the host PC.

how to stream with vlc

● By default, the port is 8080 and the path is empty. No need to change anything. Click on Next.

how to stream from vlc

● On the next screen, click on Activate Transcoding, and then select Video – H264 + MP3 (MP4). Then, to start streaming, simply click the Stream button.

stream with vlc

● Next, to provide the URL for the client devices, you need to know the computer’s IP address. To find the IP, open the command prompt. Type “ipconfig” on the command line, and hit Enter. Note down the IP on the IPv4 Address.

streaming on vlc

Start Streaming on Client Devices

➲ Now let’s go to the client device where the stream will be shown. To connect to the stream from a client computer, open the VLC Media player on that computer. Click on the Media menu and select ‘Open Network Stream’.

stream from vlc

On the Open Media Screen, enter the host computer IP address using this format: http://IPAddress:8080. Then click on the Play button and the stream should start playing.

streaming with vlc

➲ To watch the stream on mobile, open the VLC app, then tap on the More option on the bottom right corner of the screen. Then tap on the New Stream option. Enter the network address, and tap on the Play button.

vlc stream movie over internet

Fortunately, VLC remembers previously typed addresses which will be helpful in future streams. Please note that the Play controls are limited on the client device, meaning, viewers cannot move to specific spots of the video or music on their own. Fast forward or rewind will have to be done on the host computer.

Method 2: Stream from Android to PC with VLC

In the previous method, we were able to stream media content from PC to other devices. This time, we’ll be streaming from mobile to your PC.

Configure VLC on the Client Computer

● Open VLC on your client computer. Go to Tools, and then Preferences.

stream over network

● In the lower-left corner, click on Show All Settings. On the Side Menu that appears, scroll to Interface and expand. Go to Main Interfaces and click Lua. In the Lua HTTP section, enter “vlcdirect” as your password, and then click Save.

how to stream vlc

● Download the VLCDIRECT.BAT file from the link provided. It contains a small script that will automatically set up the required VLC settings. Just double-click to run the script.

stream vlc

● Then go to the View menu on VLC. Select Add Interface. Then Select Web.

vlc stream

● A Windows Security Alert may appear if your computer’s software firewall is active. Click on the Public and Private Network checkboxes. Then allow VLC access by clicking on the Allow Access button.

steam vlc

Configure VLC on Host Android Device

● On the Android phone, download the V-Direct app. This app will allow you to control desktop VLC from your phone. After installation, it will ask for several things. Allow the app to connect to the VLC player installed on your PC or Mac. It will also ask for you to run the VLCDirect file from earlier. For our purposes, select the ‘I have VLC for Windows’ option on the Initial Setup prompt. Then click on Done.

vlc streaming

● After that, V-Direct will look for the web interface running on the Desktop VLC. Once connected, simply browse through your media folders on your phone and tap on the music or video file, and it will start playing on your PC.

vlc streams

This method is good for PCs with very limited storage where users have videos on their phones and want to play on a bigger screen.

Moving forward, every time you wish to stream content from Android to your PC. You’ll have to enable the VLC Web interface on your PC. Then, on your mobile on V-Direct, tap on the Automatic Connection Wizard option to establish a connection between the Android device and the PC. When you see the Automatic VLC Finder prompt, tap on Start.

So now you know how to stream videos and music over a local network using VLC. You can now stream video and other media files from PC to mobile or other devices, and from Android devices to PC, over a local network. We hope you found this short tutorial useful.