Free Websites to Watch Cartoons in HD 2023

best free websites to watch cartoons online

It cannot be argued that cartoon shows are among the most favored films for both kids and adults. In the old days, we get to see cartoon shows only on television and in films. Now, that we have passed through the technology era, we can watch every cartoon shows we want. It is astonishing how the widespread use of contemporary streaming platforms and modern internet speeds have permanently changed the way we consume entertainment content.

There are many websites out there, so we decided to make a list of the top free sites where you can watch HD cartoons. Since there are so many websites to choose from, we filtered our list based on cost, ease of navigation, and content. So, without further ado, we present to you the best websites to watch cartoons in HD for 2023.

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9 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free in HD

1. WCO (Watch Cartoon Online)

watch cartoon online

One of the best websites for streaming free cartoons is Watch Cartoon Online. It easily occupies the top spot on our list. The site’s continual hourly updating is one of its strengths. And best of all, it doesn’t have as much pop-up advertising as some of the other websites mentioned. Users of WCO (Watch Cartoon Online) can choose between watching their preferred cartoons in SD and HD. i.e., it adjusts to the system capabilities of each user. Additionally, the home screen’s layout is meant to resemble a calendar. It also lists fresh releases according to the time and date they were released.

2. GoGoAnime

watch cartoons online

GoGoAnimeis an ideal free anime streaming website when it comes to dubbed and subtitled anime. The orange and black color scheme of GoGoAnime is appropriate for both daylight and evening navigation. Although the UI doesn’t give you many alternatives for navigation, its user experience is more than enough. The four primary sections of GoGoAnime are Anime, Movies, New Releases, and Popular. Additionally, using it on mobile devices is entirely free. Along with all the features, this website does not have an excessive amount of adverts.

3. Cartoons On

cartoons for free

Cartoons On is another popular and excellent website to watch practically every anime or cartoon on streaming websites without having to register, join up, or download any dubious downloads. You may see all of the Disney cartoons in its extensive library. Cartoons On also regularly adds new episodes and animated films to its portfolio. It offers a variety of video playback formats, automatically altering the streaming quality and auto-suggestions based on viewing preferences.

It is also simpler to browse through your Cartoons On collection than it is on other websites. Primarily due to its character- and genre-based content screening tools. However, Cartoons On’s largest issue might be that it is more likely to be removed from the internet because it hosts a lot of content that is obtained illegally.

4. Cartoon8

cartoon website

Cartoon8 is another website where you may watch your preferred cartoon series for free. It has a simple and effective design as well as a well-organized collection. It also has a ton of options, one of which is the ability to list your favorite animated programs alphabetically. In addition to having a large library of dubbed animation content and being available in numerous languages, Cartoon8 has gained the respect of cartoon fans all around the world.

5. AnimeLab

watch cartoons online free

AnimeLab is now another top choice among the finest free websites to watch HD cartoons because of its comprehensive repertoire and simple layout. It provides both free and paid streaming options. But there are little but substantial variances between them.

On the one hand, a free account gives you access to AnimeLab’s huge collection of (subbed and dubbed) anime. However, you can only see it at 480p or lower video quality. Additionally, you will see unrelated advertising before each episode, which is not too bothersome.

6. SuperCartoons

free cartoon website

SuperCartoons is among the best streaming sites. On this website, you can get episodes of all of your favorite programs if you prefer older cartoons. It is simpler to use than some of the other sites listed because of its clear, well-designed layout and logical content filter. If you want to find any Scooby-Doo episodes, for instance, go to the characters area and select the Scooby-Doo tab. On the SuperCartoons webpage, the library’s most recent additions are also highlighted. You will see advertisements on this website, but they are not intrusive and do not distract you from what you are viewing.

7. Cartoonito

watch cartoons online free website

Cartoonito has an animated content-heavy, kid-centric tone, and a Cartoonito club part that features unique content performed by actual kids. The Cartoonito website also has a variety of sing-along songs and instructional games that add to its educational appeal. These characteristics contribute to its suitability for preschoolers. The nicest aspect about it is that you can confidently let your children explore the website’s content and activities and navigate it on their own. All things considered, Cartoonito may very well be the best all-around entertainment and educational option for your kids.

8. ToonJet

cartoon site

This ToonJet Website is another free streaming platform where you can watch your preferred old-school animation. Some more recent ones, like Samurai Jack or the Pokemon series, are also available in the ToonJet library. ToonJet gathers and streams free animation videos from all around the internet. It might take you some time, though, to get used to its somewhat startling interface.

9. KissCartoon

cartoons for free

KissCartoon is one streaming service that has distinguished itself as one of the top free websites to watch cartoons in HD because of its simple layout and a large range of cartoons. The main interface of KissCartoon is quite well-designed, and you may search through its database of cartoons according to genres, series, movies, ongoing, and more using its sophisticated filters. Although the KissCartoon website contains a ton of animation content, one major issue is that it has some pretty unpleasant ad regulations, which can be a burden.


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Free content viewing through the internet frequently has drawbacks. Aside from the aforementioned pop-up advertisements, it’s also possible that some websites are geo-restricted to your location. However, this can be resolved by utilizing VPNs and ad-blockers. Thankfully, several of the more widely used web browsers nowadays already have them built in. Our list above is highly recommended for anyone’s cartoon streaming experience.