Free Websites to Watch Cartoons in HD

best free websites to watch cartoons online

It is impressive how current internet speeds and the popularization of modern streaming platforms have forever modified the way we consume entertainment content. This is a good thing, as kids (and older cartoon fans) will not have to endure many of the inconveniences we had to deal with in the past. There are a plethora of websites available, which prompted us to compile a list of the best free websites to watch cartoons in HD. These streaming websites give us access to a wide variety of cartoons (classic and new releases) everyone can enjoy anytime (no matter where they are in the world). Better yet, these websites allow you to skip, rewind, pause or fast-forward every episode as per your viewing pleasure.

Although the offer of free-streaming websites is so vast (it can last cartoon enthusiasts an entire lifetime). Therefore, we haven´t focused our guide on the more flashy and well-known content providers. Instead, we´ve come up with a Best-of-the-Rest type of list, spotlighting things such as:

Cost: We just can´t stress it enough, here we list all the best FREE websites to watch cartoons in HD.
Ease of navigation: Well-designed, light, and fast, most of these websites are super user-friendly.
Content offering: As we said before, all of these websites provide an ample and diverse selection of classic cartoons (as well as new offerings), for which variety is more than guaranteed.

So, grab your popcorn and get ready to start visiting some of the best free websites to watch cartoons in HD and enjoy both your old and new favorites. Let´s begin!

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9 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free in HD

1. WCO (Watch Cartoon Online)

watch cartoon online

Watch Cartoon Online is one of the most well-designed free cartoon streaming websites. It stands easily at the top of our list. One of the site´s strong suits is that it is updated constantly (almost every hour). And the best, it has not as many pop-up ads as some other websites listed. WCO (Watch Cartoon Online) also gives users the option to watch their favorite cartoons in SD and HD. Meaning it adapts to every user´s system capabilities. On top of that, its home screen has been designed to resemble a calendar. And in it, new releases are organized by their emission date/time.

2. GoGoAnime

watch cartoons online

When it comes down to dubbed (or subbed) anime, this might very well be your perfect choice of free anime streaming website. GoGoAnime´s orange-and-black color scheme design works perfectly for daytime and nighttime navigation. As for navigation, although the interface doesn´t offer you many options, its user experience is more than correct and capable. GoGoAnime divides itself into 4 main categories, Anime, Movies, New Releases, and Popular. It is also totally free to use on mobile devices. Aside from all the features, this website is also not overloaded with advertisements.

3. Cartoons On

cartoons for free

This streaming website lets you watch almost any anime or cartoon content for free without any need to either sign up and register or download suspicious files. Amongst its broad catalog, there is the possibility to watch almost all Disney cartoons. Cartoons On also keeps constantly updating its library with new shows and animation titles. Multiple formats of video playback options, automatically-adjusting streaming quality (based on your connection speed), and auto suggestions (based on your viewing habits) are also amongst Cartoons On multiple features.

Browsing through your Cartoons On library is also easier than on other websites. Mainly because of its content filtering features according to genres and characters. Nonetheless, its main drawback might be that, due to Cartoons On hosting a lot of illegally sourced content, it is more prone to get pulled off from the internet.

4. Cartoon8

cartoon website

With a clean and effective design and a well-organized library, Cartoon8 is another online platform where you can watch your favorite cartoon shows for free. It is also packed with plenty of features, amongst which we can mention the possibility of alphabetically listing your favorite cartoon shows. Cartoon8 also comes in many different languages and has an extensive catalog of dubbed animation content, which has earned it the recognition of cartoon enthusiasts everywhere.

5. AnimeLab

watch cartoons online free

Due to its complete catalog and intuitive interface, AnimeLab has become another excellent option among the best free websites to watch HD cartoons. AnimeLab offers both free and paid streaming services. However, there are slight (but significant) differences between them.

On the one hand, a free account grants you access to AnimeLab´s wide selection of (subbed and dubbed) anime. But you can only watch it in 480p video quality or less. And you´ll be presented with random ads before every episode, which is not much of a bother.

If you want better video quality and get rid of said ads, AnimeLab´s premium subscription pack costs $7.99 a month. Also, premium subscribers get to watch new releases a week earlier than free account users. Nonetheless, AnimeLab also hosts loads of classic anime shows.

6. SuperCartoons

free cartoon website

If you are more into classic cartoons, this is one website where you can find episodes from all of your favorite series. With a clean, well-designed interface and intuitive content filter (divided into Series, Characters, and Studios), it is easier to navigate than some other sites listed. For example, say you are looking for some Scooby-Doo episodes, go to the characters section and simply click on the Scooby-Doo tab in it. Also, new additions to its library are listed on the SuperCartoons homepage (although it is not updated as frequently as some of the other listed websites). This website will show you ads, but these are not so invasive and do not interfere with your viewing.

7. Cartoonito

watch cartoons online free website

Cartoonito has a more children-oriented theme, loaded with animated content and a Cartoonito club section that showcases original content performed by real children. It also includes a list of sing-along songs and learning activities that give the Cartoonito website an educational flair. These features help make it perfect for pre-school children. The best part of it is that you may safely leave your kids to navigate the website and explore its content and activities with all confidence. All things said, Cartoonito might very well represent the ultimate all-in-one educational entertainment solution for your children.

8. ToonJet

cartoon site

Yet another free website where you can watch your favorite classic cartoons. ToonJet´s library also includes some more contemporary ones, like Samurai Jack or the Pokemon series. ToonJet compiles animation videos from every corner of the internet and streams them for free. However, it might take you a while to get used to its (sometimes jarring) interface.

One of ToonJet´s best features is it allows users to customize daily alerts for new content added to the ToonJet platform. It does not require you to sign up to start streaming episodes, but if you do, it will grant you access to the ToonJet community forum. You can also rate and give feedback on each and any of the cartoons you watch on the ToonJet website. Iconic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Adventures of Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, or Popeye the Sailor Man are all waiting for you on the ToonJet community.

9. KissCartoon

cartoons for free

With its clean design and wide selection of cartoons, KissCartoon is one streaming provider that has earned its place among the best free websites to watch cartoons in HD. KissCartoon´s user interface is very well-polished, and its advanced filters will let you search through its cartoon library according to genres, series, movies, ongoing, and more. Although it features loads of animation content, one significant drawback is that the KissCartooon website has some really annoying ads policies, which can be a bugger.


Watching online content for free tend to have its downsides. Aside from the previously mentioned pop-up ads, there is always the possibility some websites might be geo-restricted for your area. Nonetheless, this can be sorted out by using Ad-blockers and VPNs. Luckily, nowadays, some of the more popular web browsers have them already integrated. So there you have it, friends! Our guide to the best free websites to watch cartoons in HD.

Unlike the more popular Pay-Per-View media giants, these are small gems that bring most of your preferred animated content to the comfort of your home and (better yet) for free. We are sure that you will find one whose content adapts better to your liking. Thus saving precious time (which, in turn, you can invest in enjoying your favorite cartoons). However, the final word´s on you! Just choose your favorite amongst the best free websites to watch cartoons in HD, sign up, and start streaming.