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What is JDownloader Used for?

As its name suggests, JDownloader is a download manager tool, written in Java, that allows the automatic download of groups of files. Many users, however, wonder why should you use a download manager like JDownloader, when all you need to download a file from a server with your browser is to click on download and wait. In this article, we’ll find out what is JDownloader used for.

JDownloader download manager

JDownloader: why should you use it?

JDownloader isn’t just a simple download manager: it allows you to download multiple files, simultaneously, from sharing sites. It also provides some important advantages when it comes to downloading: it doesn’t have speed limits (the only limit would be your internet connection). It leaves full control over their downloads to the users, and can also auto-extract files.

JDownloader is supported by a giant community that shares resources and makes downloading as easy as possible.

Is JDownloader free?

JDownloader is a free and open-source software tool. You can download, install, and use it completely for free.

Does JDownloader make download faster?

Yes, and for many reasons. First of all, because it allows multiple downloads. If you have ever tried downloading more than one file with your browser, you may have already noticed how the downloading speed decreases when you have more than one file that is being downloaded. With JDownloader, this simply doesn’t happen.

Furthermore, JDownloader does not have a limitation for downloading speed. The only limitations are the ones that you can set up in the tool’s settings, or the ones of your Internet connection.


Where is JDownloader used?

JDownloader is a desktop software tool, that is, it only works on computer devices. In particular, it is available for Windows and Linux. Be careful, however, from where you download the installer file: make sure you download it from the official website or from a secure source.

Recently, the JDownloader extension for Google Chrome is one of the most utilized versions of JDownloader. It is also very secure because you can get it directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Is JDownloader safe?

The JDownloader software itself is secure and supported by a trusted community, but the same can’t be always said for the files you download through it. When you download files on your computer you are always exposed to some risks, and JDownloader isn’t responsible for the malware you download and install on your computer using this software. To reduce this risk, the most common recommendation is to use anti-virus tools and scan all the downloaded files before opening them.

Are there any upgraded versions?

JDownloader 2 is the upgraded version for JDownloader. What we said for the first version stand for number 2 too.