Spotify Connect – What is it? How to use Spotify Connect

what is spotify connect

The Spotify streaming service gives you access to a lot of great music, but you don’t always want to keep listening on the same device as you go about your day. When you get home from work, it would be awesome to put your smartphone down, and listen to the rest of your favorite song on your PC, audio system, or even your TV. You can do just that with Spotify Connect. This post will tell you what Spotify Connect is and how you can use it.

What is Spotify Connect?

In September 2013, Spotify Connect was launched as a way to give users “effortless control of your music through your phone, tablet, and now speakers with millions of songs built right in.” In 2014, Spotify Connect devices started dominating the market.

One of the many techniques that allow you to listen to music from your phone through a stereo device is Spotify Connect. Others include Bluetooth, AirPlay from Apple, and the Chromecast built-in from Google. The most significant difference between Bluetooth and Spotify Connect is that Spotify uses Wi-Fi networking of greater quality, less vulnerable to dropouts, sounds better, and has a much wider range.

If you are using a standalone Spotify Connect device, the app will automatically turn the screen on and set the volume, which is very handy!

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Spotify Compatible Devices

Spotify Connect devices are now on the rise. They range from the Amazon echo input to stereo devices, the Sonos One, Amazon echo, and the home theatre systems. The company has an official list of devices that tend to be frequently updated with Spotify Connect.

Although Spotify Connect works on nearly any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android phone, but universal support is not guaranteed for even modern AV devices. Check your computer for the Spotify logo, or look for an updated manual on your manufacturer’s website just to be sure of it. In some instances, compatibility can be added later; for example, while Spotify once removed its app from the Roku platform, a Spotify Connect-compatible version later replaced it.

While some devices have both Spotify on-board and Connect support, I have noticed that using Connect is best in almost all cases. One big reason is that, unlike the smartphone edition, the on-board app on your TV or AV receiver could never receive updates, or just stop working. In addition, apps built into TVs and other devices can be frustrating because they use your remote control instead of the touchscreen on your phone.

Benefits of Spotify Connect

Here are some of the additional benefits of Spotify Connect.

● You can make and receive a phone call without stopping the music.

● If you have selected a device, you can turn off your smartphone or PC / Laptop, and the music will still be played on the device.

● While Spotify Connect only allows streaming of music playback to one device at a time, it can be used with a multi-room audio system, such as Sonos. If you send music from Spotify to a Sonos speaker, you can play Spotify feeds on other Sonos speakers that you might have at the same time. For that, Spotify Premium subscription is required.

● If you have a Premium account and are listening in offline mode, you can also use Spotify to play music on more than one device at a time.

● Although you can use Spotify with Bluetooth instead of Spotify Connect, its quality is not that good.

● In addition to Spotify Connect, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use Spotify with Airplay if you prefer.

Requirements for using Spotify Connect

The first thing you need is either a Spotify Premium account or a Free account. Although the service was originally only available to Paid customers, Free users were able to use Connect just since November 2018.

In addition to a working Wi-Fi or cellular network connection, there’s something you need to stream from — whether it’s your phone, tablet, or PC running the Spotify app. The receiver can be a dongle (such as $35 Amazon Echo Input) plugged into an existing audio device, a set of speakers, or similar hardware with Spotify Connect on board.

Although you can easily and quickly put a dongle into your stereo into the Spotify Connect ecosystem, buying a receiver or stereo unit that can support it natively should be considered. And you don’t have to toggle your stereo on and set it to the correct input separately.

How to use Spotify Connect?

With Smartphones and Tablets

● On your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, open Spotify, and start playing a song.
● Click Devices located at the bottom of the panel.
● Click the device you want to play with.
● Your smartphone will be returned to the play screen, and the new device name will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

how to add a device to spotify

With Computers and Laptops

● On your PC or your laptop, open Spotify and start playing music.
● On the bottom right of the Spotify app, select Connect to a Device.

connect to spotify, spotify connect devices

● Select the device you want to play on.
● At the bottom of the screen, a green bar will be shown with the words: Listening (device name).

how to add a device to spotify

With the Spotify Web Player

● Through a compatible web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera), open Spotify on your device and start playing music.
● On the bottom right of the Spotify app, select Connect to a Device.

spotify web player

● From the list, select a device.
● At the bottom of the screen, a green bar will be shown with the words: You’re Listening on (device name).

spotify connections

The Bottom Line

Spotify Connect makes music simpler and easier to listen to. You can switch music from one device to another without missing a beat as you travel from location to location within the same network (such as your house or office).